Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wartime Victim Makes Heartfelt Plea For Redress

Her daily routine when she gets up
is to stand before a mirror
"… and smile.

When I see the woman in the mirror
smiling, I say, 'Hey Yong-Soo, let's be joyful
today. Let's make today a joyful day.'”

At 78,
she is among the youngest
she feels added responsibility

Taken to China and Taiwan with a group of teenage girls,
Lee was and
with electrical cords when she fought back.
Serving an average of five soldiers a day

When the war was over
she returned
told no one
It wasn't until 1992.

In April, on the day of the 121 Coalition's protest
it looks like it might rain.

Even as proponents are pushing Congress

a Japanese group consisting of a dozen parliamentarians
scores of politicians, nationalist intellectuals and historians
urges the House to retract

based on "wrong information" and contradicts "historical fact."
Carefully walking to the podium
Yong-Soo Lee, a former sex slave

for the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II
faced American church leaders
at Wilshire Presbyterian Church.
She bows deeply

Lee is a woman
with a mission.

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