Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fingerprints on My Phone

This is my version of the Footprints in the Sand

Fingerprints on My Phone

Hi, may I speak to God, I said as I spoke

on my new blackberry phone

This is me, God replied. I was

waiting on my throne

I knew you’d call

And how’d you know?

Because I know everything

Like how you tried to hide at work

your four year wedding ring

The way you slipped that lie in to your boss about your work

And how you cut your tithe in half for

offering time at church

I know Lord, but it’s hard, I said,

living in this world

Live in it, but don’t be of it

for this world is only cold

You’ve conformed

No, I haven’t Lord

Yes, you have, and now I see

this world has taken control of you

and driven you from me

You’ve become materialized and so tuned into modern mess

You couldn’t even simply speak to me, No, you had to call me on an object with buttons you had to press

You use to speak to me every night

before you went to bed

Now you need those earphones

You wear around your head

To call me in your times of need,

And that’s all you’ve begun to do

You’ve forgotten to speak to me

when good events have fallen through

Have you forgotten who’s carried you through all those agonizing times?

But I love you so much that I’ve decided

to forgive you for those crimes

This world has taken over you

And shoved you in a hole

But I have come to dig you out,

to make you once again feel whole

Now come to your senses and

talk to me in not only bad times but good

And you will see the happiness I’ll bring

around your neighborhood

Now stop being silly,

No more fingerprints made

for me on that blackberry phone

Cause if you call me on that thing again, you’ll get the busy tone

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