Sunday, September 9, 2007

tender insomniacs

softly silver in nature sanity hanging over the comfort of words on a tongue shaped dream where owls think wide eyed and birch on a branch where the final line will be crossed

think, what was that movie where she stepped through a mirror and something magical happened? Maybe it scared me.

easing into a meditation where your fingers are felt and the yes in the glass melt into something I can’t feel with someone so unnatural you feel the sleeping elephant drag you into the frame and be with your neighbor

he’s in a tree throwing bananas at you, and they are hard and whipping. you will always dodge them, but the fear bubbles in your throat and deep across your eyes.

he stops, comes down from the tree swinging and with a lovingness that gasps your breath, touches your jaw line with the back of his index finger and whispers

the magic scares me, too.


St. Ephen Shoup said...


was this in response to anything in particular?

Christina said...

wondering the same thing. i like this.

Alissa said...

thanks for the interest. it's actually in response to a piece of art that was given to me as a gift.
i found a link to it on the artist's website. to see it go here: