Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prayer of Protection

Dear: God above all gods we’ve made

i walk to You with a petition of heart
summoning every ounce of Your spiritual being
on a conquest for protection
encompass the luv i love

Joshua Jeffrey Reed
      permanent bolingbrook
      local-current normal
      is that normal? what is normal?
      please make it normal

Joshua Jeffrey Reed i pray for
scatter Your armor among oak and spruce swallow the little mackinaw
christen the depths of evergreen lake adorn every ringly ripple in sweetsickle security
with me with family with dog dazzie
cover the spirit of this teacher friend luver of life
graphics on a mortal quest for immortal design the printer has the answer
God, You know what my words mean
i’d swim across the filthy fecal-infested trenches of the illinois
only to get to him
i love Joshua Jeffrey Reed can You love him as i beyond some figment
of psychoerotical imagination?

hold him in Your hand
may he never feel tragical suffering
drowning in michigan car accidents in the blue Honda Civic
savage sickness cracking of bones
deep wounds may he never encounter a fraction or hairlike hint of emotional anguish
no witchified physical anguish of being under the knife...
anesthesia awareness that’s what it’s called right? i guess you would know since well... You are God
then there’s disasters of natural earthly being
no rattling earthquakes please
and please God please God keep the fire tame
prevent searing of flesh
and oh by the way don’t forget the simplistic pains of human reality
growing up
growing old
allow my luv to age in grace

there that’s it
mental halt to the spewing of my inner ponderances
now take them away
i don’t want to think
i said i don’t want to think
i’ll block such darkness
i love HIM i love YOU i love HIM he loves YOU i love HIM he loves ME i love HIM you love ME i love HIM you love HIM i love HIM


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