Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Extant Collob. Project

An one: In the most recent issue of the online journal Tarpaulin Sky, legitimate ekphrasis--appears to--occurs. Poets such as Laird Hunt respond to striking images by artist Nancy Kiefer (Sutherland). Managing editor Julianna Spallholz describes her first viewing of Kiefer's work:

This was the first time I had seen Nancy's work, and I was immediately moved, shocked, saddened, offended, humored by, and grateful for her bold color, her thick black lines, the unapologetic closeness of the subjects of her portraits. Her subjects feel vulnerable, exposed, while the hand that paints them feels like a carrier of sensitive, sensual, unyielding authority.

The writers/poets, then, concoct scenarios to accompany, explain, argue with the images. Interestingly, these narrations all seem to take the form of prose. Their prompting images were created on Japanese paper, the characteristcs of which, according to Kiefer, account for the sketch/adumbration feel of her creations:

Japanese paper appears delicate, but it is strong because of its long fibers. I love it because it has this translucent flimsiness that sort of defies its truer self. The idea of painting pictures on such paper interests me even more so because the ink moves across this paper as if it were bleeding. I think of this work as napkins—images quickly painted, something to wipe your mouth with after you’ve been too polite, or maybe even for coughing up odd nightmares.

Enjoy ye now.

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