Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Octogenarian Fugue

Grandma shit her pants again
I guess I’m not that surprised
slowing physically
slowing mentally
(it’s not Alzheimer’s, so don’t even assume)

She gave the best presents
birthday, Christmas, whatever
A good ear for listening
and always quite affectionate

She was the babysitter
while my parents attempted to make miniature replacements for me
she put up with grandpa’s bullshit for 53 years
like she had two babies to keep an eye on

Her patience was remarkable
abuse, emotional but seldom physical
the ramblings of an old creep
that I have no pleasant memories for

Now she sits on the couch
watching TV by the half-hour
and remembering almost nothing

She’s still feisty
but far from self-dependent
like a second childhood

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