Friday, September 7, 2007

Found Poem

Words taken from a kind email an ex-coworker sent me on 9/4/2007. Run through translator 5 times, shown are 2 outcomes. Thank you freetranslation dot com!

with sincere love kind consideration
avid greetings thank you taken that the Lord
will allow me to serve over there oat flakes
for the breakfast lack us you eating any word of God
reveals His truth climbs back up peace is with you
my program dream of friend more close to Him the
passion for the people promises several other candidates
several new friends of voucher

with the sincere consideration of the love kind
gluttonous greetings give thanks carried it that the Mister
will agree that I serve over the you fall of oat
for the shortage of the breakfast we she eating
any word of God you same its ascents of the truth
again in peace are with her the friend of the program
of my dream more closing him the passion
for the promises candidates of witness

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