Monday, September 17, 2007

a prayer for my daddy

Lord and Protector, please watch over Randall Robert Meier, a farmer and Garst District Account Representative currently residing outside of Armington, Illinois, once being from
Collinsville, Troy, Maryville, and Mackinaw, Illinois and Norfolk and Pilger, Nebraska. We moved a lot. Soon to be living outside of McLean, Illinois. Protect him from hunger, sadness, illness, devastation, being alone when he needs someone by his side, loving someone and not being loved in return, rain to quench the thirst of his crops, tenacity to continue farming even when the work put in outweighs the outcome, never knowing how much his family loves him, never real
izing how much he is appreciated by those closest to him, falling below his own expectations, and feeling he doesn’t meet the expectations of others. Watch over Randall Robert Meier as he farms and contributes to the lives of his family, whether it be watching their sporting events or lending an empathetic ear. Help him to continue to provide for our two dogs, Bubba and Daisy. As well as for our horse, Huckleberry. Keep him safe as he crosses the Illinois and Mackinaw Rivers on his daily travels and as he passes Meier’s Landing Lake and Lake Blooming
ton in his truck. May the large trees shadow. Randall Robert Meier’s yard and provide shade so he may rest.

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