Wednesday, September 12, 2007

News Cut-Ups, Two of Them


In a series of vagueness, the giant beat

When you occur now
you occur. Ignition, the air routes:
we combed the helmet well to
two cities of them.
Centered close to the console of
buildings toppled, nor there blown.
Have emitted the clock but
a swell would have to say


“This One Should Be a Part of the Protocol for Eye Doctors”

As a child R.G. could not form the contact of sight. To feel and compress each object.
Jump of line at the following point. Which is fast for______. To work the together of eyes. It affected faces and would take all with opening.” It would go to the people, it and its cheeks affect." Specialists led a battery of the tests; the possible diagnoses attached:
disturbance of spectrum, deficit of rung attention, disturbance of fear. Prescribed three drugs for deficit and floor.

The only constant was now this: although it had already two eye, these years that a specialist placed its finger on the nose. And this one made time, shifted inside and outside him. In minutes, had the diagnosis: cannot work the narrow distance. Suffer a nausea and a nausea which can lead to the bar of attraction, weak Coil-esteem.

We would not like to send kids for efforts of formation and reading them at night “This One Should Be a Part of the Protocol for Eye Doctors."

As you can't withdraw you and say, wait one minute?" or, to know us that kids like the loss of the concentration than what they read."

The examination includes/understands objectives with a feather or a finger.

For nine months it carried the prisms uses, the eyes, to collect towards the interior. It then had three months of the therapy. The could not describe it, indeed because all it is it, his/her mother known. It believed how it had explained us that all along it could not see, nobody however heard."

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