Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just in case...

I wasn't sure if we were supposed to put this stuff up on the blog, but I figured it's better safe than stupid.

First, my found poem:
(from some dude's tattoo...if you know the guy, don't tell him I creeped on him to write this poem)

Alles ist, was endet.

Everything is
everything ends.
Ends is what
everything needs
to survive.

A thing of any—
all things come
to a beginning
which has already
(or will eventually)
come to end.

Everything is, what is done.
Everything is, what ends.

Second, my homophonic translation:

The Morning and Day
(a homophonic translation of “L’ammore ched’e?” by Eduardo De Filippo)

Scoot on day, some pity the morning and day

The more I’m not cozy
I adore the rows of
the rose of Monet
in divided the cave

The rows? Exit out the pity peeking

The rows of colors
they serve me the morning
The morning not changed
sees rows on Monet

The morning came gentle…the rose of Monet

Pick a dent in my joy
Say, pile up your courage
Send in all the glory
don’t ask me for more

Imagine silk tunnel…the pity peeking

Imagine piano
Pray kill they chose a no
Picking on a penny
you amaze a noon venom

I send you the door of the morning none shared

Noon change…peek in the morning
the fort of the lilies
come part now closer
the door of the roses

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