Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A prayer for my unborn child

God Almighty, protect my unborn child Parker Elizabeth Zimmerman-_______
although she is unborn, unconceived, and may not appear for years to come
protect her being, her soul, her heart, her mind, her body, her life, her.
Protect her from heart ache, may she never feel the pain of a broken heart,
Protect her from global warming, may she live to be 100 and healthy,
Protect her from terrorists, may they never attack or harm her loved ones,
Protect her from the pain and grief of death, let her accept the loss of loved ones
and grow from it,
Protect her from war, hate, and hostile environments, may she overlook them
and see only the good in people,
Protect her from the devil, may he never tempt her or make her question life,
Protect her from rapists, may they never hold her down in the dead of night,
Protect her from abuse, may she only find love and happiness,
Protect her from back stabbing friends, may she have the power to overlook
the bad & only find the good friends,
Protect her from drugs, may she never try or become addicted to any harmful substance,
Protect her from liars, may her heart never be fooled,

And Protect her from depression, may she be able to bounce back from anything life
hands her.

God Almighty, look after Parker Elizabeth Zimmerman-_______,
who comes from me, her future mother, caregiver, best friend, life source,
who comes from a loving family, warm, appreciative, welcoming,
who currently resides in heaven, with you, waiting to come down to me.

Watch Parker Elizabeth Zimmerman-_______
as she grows, and flourishes.
Watch her as she meets friends, boyfriends, best friends, cousins, relatives.
Watch her go through life, working for a living, becoming a student,
becoming inde pendent.
Watch her play with animals, petting softly those she comes across.
Watch her dance, or play sports, watch her read, or write.

Watch her find her talents, find herself, find a meaning.
Watch her in between the Pacific and
Atlantic Ocean, and if she travels,
watch her over there, too.
Lake Michigan and Salt Creek River,

By the willow trees of Wood Dale,

in which she may sit under on a summers day.

By the streets and the cars, the buses and trains, the airplanes and boats

that may take her to and from, around life.

God Almighty, Eta Truse fourte grangevu lorax flample
forever may she be protected
Eta Truse fourte grangevu lorax flample
forever may she be protected.

With her

in your heart

With her
in your thoughts

God All
Mighty, Protect my unborn Parker Elizabeth Zimmerman ______.

For if she is to be born,
I will be blessed….
And when I am blessed,
she will be born.


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Jamie said...

Wow! I love this so much. Good idea to write a prayer for an unborn child--very powerful!