Thursday, September 27, 2007

translation poem

Narcissus the Narcissist

The insane love empowers him

the illusion of his reflection within
the clear waving water is a distorted view,

to him: he is a God of Gods
to us: he is a self-righteous ass-hole
seeking the remedy of his self-involved life.

Looking into the pool

unaware of all around

he sees a prodigy in himself

one that sprouts fire

the water cannot quench the thirsty flames
and his fiery eyes are lost in his own

His whole life spent deceiving those around him
never true to who he really was
what everyone wanted him to be
at the same time…he never spent a second
loving anyone
but himself
the fire growing brighter
his eyes entangled in his own beauty
FATE caught up to him
turning him into a lily pad
for he fell victim to himself
that of his own death ((water))

now his life source
to help him grow, flourish
and become beautiful again
all lies within the waves of the water.

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