Thursday, September 20, 2007

prayer of protection

Gaia, please protect my special male friend Michael Boobie Joseph Mukavetz from lactose who currently works at Country Insurance who interviewed with Clarion Hotels who wants to be a high school mathematics teacher.

Gaia, please protect Michael, father of Nataliewood a calico kitty who plays fetch, father of Duncan, a black lab/collie mix who recently passed away, Duncan, Michael’s best friend since he was eight, smeller of crotches and lover of scrambled eggs.

Gaia, please protect Michael, lover of mathematics, movies, and my vagina, writer of lyrics, reader of noir novels by Raymond Chandler from lime disease, killer bees, and bar fights.

Gaia, please protect Michael, who enjoys eating dolmas, Future father to a daughter Olivia Novella or Gaia or future father to a son: Coltrane or Gaius. Or future father to 70, 000 dvds and four abroad adventures from unkind faces, head colds, heat exhaustion, and corporate nonsense.

Gaia, please protect my confidante Michael Underpants Joseph Mukavetz who is from Madison Heights Michigan who grew up on 28752 Tawas Court and before that in a two bedroom apartment with his mother on John R street below thirteen mile but above twelve mile in Madison Heights who also lived in an apartment with his father in Berkeley and now lives in Madison Heights across from Meijer from the war on terror.

Gaia, please protect Michael Joseph Mukavetz who currently lives in Normal, Il 61761 at 4 Larry Court Apt 6 on Summit who lives in a townhouse under a tree of unknown origin that inhabits sparrows and other brown birds and cicadas who used to kayake with his father on Kensington Lake at Kensington Park located in Milford from car crashes and twisted ankles.

Gaia, please protect Michael he who takes my boots off Joseph Mukavetz from kitty hairs, changes in seasons, and chili.

Gaia, please protect this man who loves his sister, Destiny, formerly Dusty, mother of two, Ethan and Alec from root canals because we can’t afford to pay for them.

Gaia, please restore the ability for Michael Joseph Mukavetz, licker of areolas, to eat assorted dairy products, chili, spicy meat, and other nutrients that give him indigestion or how he calls it kickback who loves his mother, Pamela, a loving woman and his father, Michael, a quiet man, teller of bad jokes.

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