Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Changes in appetite
or unrealistic sexual unconscious sweet tasting
bitter ones
characterized by
complete control
frequent thoughts of death or dying
or dying of frequent thoughts
psychosexual war paint
pyschosexual obedience
tongues and increased heartrate

fear of having you private thoughts discovered
the mist of a penis
archetypes that reveal
hidden urges
loss of interest in suicide
severe restrictions
hand claps in loud darkness
unfounded feelings of
rock bands
characterized by self-doubt
and firearms

trouble coping or performing routine tasks
violent impulses that lie beneath the surface
and wrapped around a pensive black and white photograph
of men eating from men's hands

sexual white-washing
severe personality conflict
of sleep

I want to sleep
I want to sleep I want
to make the animals believe me
diamond tropes in candymaker shoes

I especially enjoy the physical exam
and your daughter is a shepherd
I will sleep for all of us
unintentional (omission)
and grade school smells from the laziest of hunters
I will sleep for all of us
if you could spare a dollar or two
if you told me what rhythms will do
to minds looking for patterns in patterns

you're a storyteller
I'm a story-buyer
but your only stories
are of my storybuying

this is no place to end
I just want to sleep
I will sleep for all of us
I will make the animals believe
I will make the animals
animals are the alpahabet
in my eyelids
animals are sleeping in a circle
men are blinking in a line
I will do the sleeping
I will sleep for all of us
and make the big hands
go away
before the war
before the war

the photographs–
and guns–
and smiling gathered men–
I will sleep for all of us.

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