Thursday, September 13, 2007

Old Town Pearl- collaboration with Trib article

Old Town Pearl

“It started its life in 1910 as a tavern on the southeast corner of Sedgwick and Eugenie Streets in the heart of Old Town, and then, during those misbegotten days of enforced-sort of- national abstinence, a speakeasy.”

A bourbon-drinking man leans on the bar.
When Phil died, the kids took over the place.
Tending to customers and the legacy.
She went away. Far from her old local haunts. She comes back.
With her niece and cute little grandniece.
They all had something to drink and good conversation and they got some ribs to go.
Some years ago David was back in his hometown. With his wife.
Recalling memories.
Dinners with his late father at a neighborhood saloon that served great ribs.
Now no bowling game. No shuffle bowling game. Still baby back ribs.
Writer Bill will wear a tuxedo as he recalls times before trendy pleasures.
Or checkbook-wielding developers.
They love to hear stories about their place.

“I love no place quite like I love this place. It is everything Chicago is supposed to be: familiar, old, neighborhoody, friendly…”

Taken from “Pearl of Old Town” article from the Chicago Tribune Magazine by Rick Kogan

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