Wednesday, September 19, 2007


she’s laked howsome
nor the singed
nor crouch more for you
talking an enclosure
not need threepenny for entry
kissedwindclean the twinkles’ll live for ya
nether told ya
but gether yourself nor i’ll quivering strong enough to
lay those of yours flat as
you’re still
as your as i wondered how you’d be
drop this inspiration to make
live ya more around what
you’ve talked not about
but along the woundness
you’ve accrued purposefully now
have you not for founding why
i’m noticed too more
in this head i’m not give
enough in ya
i’m not stilling the ‘roundwaves
i should like i said
as i ought
your breathness
this ridden song hung me now
it’s yours
me to ring you weller
to round you weller
to nose you into the skys
for you to walk so rather nice
i not as i
but as you thought clearest
in the sped-pillowed twinkled halfness
you’ll stay sounder there
than flying how i might
have read it to last
myself well
in the rising force you’ve spent
as much as i have and you’ll restrinse
into the deadening link weathers
and past them as

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