Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Stress. Less.

15 hours of class
Half of them seem useless
That’s not my major!
Well, too damn bad
Guess what?
It’s required!
3 study hours for every hour spent in class
Who made that up?
Is there a book on this shit?
Add it up
You’re at 45
Don’t forget that part-time job
Show Mom and Dad you’re some kind of adult
Another 20 hours
Now up to 65
Just barely hangin’ on
How ‘bout some extra carriculars?
Some hands-on experience?
That wouldn’t hurt either
Build up that résume
Show ‘em you’re a star
What’s the count?
Somewhere around 85
Make time to eat
“Oh my Gawd!”
“That looks greasy!”
“Don’t touch that!”
“It’s fried!”
“Eat like that
And you better work out!”
What’s this?
Another 10
Be social too
Make some friends
Don’t wanna’ be a la-la-loser
No time this week
You got weekends?
Somewhere over 100 now
“Stay healthy dear”
“Don’t get run down”
8 hours of sleep
That will do
Or even just 5
I can make it on 4
I think
Where we at now?
Past 120
Do the laundry
Go shopping too
Stay clean
Be neat
And plan ahead
And oh ya, by the way
Please don’t forget...

Stress. Less.

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Andrew Hall said...


To kill I'm a taste lulling rose bitter
kill to be absent why desperate sober
all grand rivers the all penal poverty
the all eager a penitent reduced
a too quiet loss ages die run all babies
the abundant liquor uncle sail over
Why anecdotes all plate stain why cobra
Tedium all terror and terror all comedy
Vivid say girl they kill entertainment
and taunt all men kill in all quarter is fear
too lost cabbies age all rubbing Apollo
Tender clear runover the valient
two patriotic sayers in toads all primal
two sobbing authors all mundane unicorns why soul?

(Homophonic translation
From Don Quixote
by Cervantes)