Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Collaboration Research 1

The poets I chose to study are Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer. I happened to stumble upon their names while doing a Google search for collaborative poetry. In 2002, the two published a book of collaborative poetry, entitled, "Nice Hat. Thanks"

This is how it all began. The two walked through the parks, streets, and neighborhoods of New York City with a tape recorder in hand. One poet would say a word, and the other would add either another word or punctuation. It was hardly a collabortive effort at first, as the two struggled to finish just one line. However, it quickly transformed into an amazing challenge. The two poets thrived off of each other. The recordings became writings, and the writings became a book.

I found one poem particularly humorous. You can read it below. Feel free to check out more poetry and information about Beckman and Rohrer at: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/19338

by Matthew Rohrer and Joshua Beckman

In another jungle the monkeys fret.
Vibrations are tremendous.
Terror begins.
Mist dissipates.
Monkeys alight in unison
while beneath them nothing sexy happens.
From within one mangrove a monkey flutters helplessly,
another watches.
Noise like refined alabaster drifts across our monkeys.
Human intellect dwarfs only that first tear.
Everything else excels.
Intellect is nothing to savor.
Monkeys know.
Monkeys see.
Monkeys do.
As monkeys follow nauseated foresters
across wet walkways they announce their intentions.
Mankind savors variety.
Monkeys savor mankind.
Poachers came and grabbed the monkeys.
In disturbing circumstances they thrive.
Our satellites saw lilacs.
No one wanders forever.

From Nice Hat. Thanks. copyright © 2002 by Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer. Reprinted by permission of Wave Books.

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