Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Exquisite Majority

It's hard for me to get a good job.
I want a house, Nordic Track, and a new PC.
Sometimes I wonder about the word consequences.
I mean, nothing runs in a straight line, right?
I put on a shirt that says Made in Japan,
not on the label, but on the front. Model Minority,
Ms. X, Mr. X, baby X American.
Non-nuclear and cu from nonody's mold.
if I were a squiggle outline,
what color would I be? If I had sex with you,
would we smoke afterward? I worry about designer
clothes and my invstment in American individuality.
(Tommy Hilfiger is the choice of certain gang-
members wearing two jackets at once ro show off
their moey. If I had to give my opinion,
I'd say-- let the best designer win, man.)
If you;re the only one in first grade with crooked bangs
I uess that makes you a minority, sort of.
Or answer his: If all the animals in the world dies,
what the hell wold we eat?
Yesterday I sa Nell Carter on Prince Street.
I'm a New Yorker so I didn't stare.
I walked down the steps to the six train,
slid my token into the slot.
A silver bar twirled and let me in.

This collaborative piece was written by Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton who have worked together for six years. The book I took this from is called Exquisite Polotics, this is one of their books together amongst two others. The two wanted to take on projects that were emotionally challenging, intellectually challenging, and essentially anything wild. They aimed to push their limits and stepout of their comfort zone. As they preogressed with their work, they noticed that it had a lot to do with gender polotics, which led them to write a series of "Exquisite Polotics." This was done through working together for long periods of time.

I found out about this project through internet research of collaborative poetry.

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