Friday, June 5, 2009


Please note that you should read it all across, not as a each individual column (893 Words)
I glance at the plastic cow I looked at a cow made of plastic I looked at plastic cow
She offers me her milk I offered her milk I raised her milk
I want to refuse, but I do not want to be But I refuse, you do not want But I refused because I do not want
rude Rude Rude
I don't want plastic chemicals I do not want the chemicals in plastics I do not want chemicals in plastics
I am already a chemical Chemistry I Chemistry I
A disgusting succubus of falisty Succubus of negative falisty Witch negative falisty
Of fakeness, of unreality of fakeness, unrealistic The fakeness, unrealistic
When I die the crows will When crows die When the songs are dying
Skip Skip Skip
Over my body In my body In his television
They know I am poison. She knows the poison. Do you know poison.
I see the statue of liberty, I, please see the Statue of Liberty I believe, please visit the Statue of Liberty
Some ridiculous minature, a lawn ornament, Some silly small, ornamental grass, Some stupid small, ornamental grass,
Someone has taken the liberty to paint Her in Have the freedom to paint? Have the freedom to paint?
American flag colors. Colors of the flag. Color flag.
She looks disgusted. Demeaned. Seems to be annoyed. Decreases. It seems that anger. Lower.
A dead deer stares at the sky, The dead deer in the sky, Including the dead deer in the sky,
Her body mangled, His body was torn His body was torn
Rigor mortise Rigor mortise Strict tenon
Her face is serene His face is gentle His moderate
There is a truck bed full The truck bed is full Truck bed full of
Of signs Character Nature
The ones that flash on the side of the road On the side of the road, flash On the other side of the road, flashing
Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
But they are lying still, face down However, they are still down However, there is still down
Silent Silence Silence
Waiting for their purpose to be fulfilled Pending results Waiting for the outcome of
I crunch gravel underneath my feet I gravel under the feet of his crisis Gravel crisis
My shoes oppress My shoe press My shoes Print
My laughter shatters I break a smile I break a smile
I am destruction I am destroyed More than the destruction of
Because I am human Because I am human Because I have the right to
I take and take and take I'm guessing that you and I suspect that you and
I never learned to share I have never learned to share I never learn to share
No one did, we just pretended Everyone, we did Everything we have done
We take and do not give back, We will not return We will not return
We are all smiles about it We all have a smile of his We all smile
You smile at your deceit Detect a smile of his Found his smile
Shocked by the lack of care in this world, By the lack of attention in this world, shudder The lack of attention in this world and tremble
You'll get what's coming to you You get what What you can
You chemical infested heathen Gentiles chemical attacks Pagani chemical attacks
I cry at my humanity I call the human Word of the rights of
Yet I sit silent However, I am quiet However, I quietly
I eat the ovaries of trees Eat tree ovary Eat tree ovary
I enjoy their sweetness I'm such a sweet I am a sweet
I watch a horse grazing I watch a horse patrol I look forward to in the horse patrol
I know its power I know the power of Such a power
Beauty, grace, love Beauty, grace, love Beautiful, elegant, love
I covet these things, I feel these things, I think that
As I covet you You do not covet If you do not want
And sin, And sin, And evil,
Beauty is a falsity Beauty is fake Beauty is fake
My mascara whispers lies I whisper my mascara I whispered my mascara
To my eyes In my eyes It seems to me that
And yours And his And his
My lipstick spreads color Color of my lipstick fat spreads The color of my lipstick fat spreads
And death And death And death
Something died to make me beautiful My beautiful death? I have a beautiful death?
It's all a facade This is the front The front
The makeup Makeup Make-up
Take, take, take Is to take It is through
We are all Vikings We have all the Vikings We have all the pirates
Pirates Pirates Pirates
(Don't let that evoke some nostalgia They will not nostalgic (? I am not nostalgic (?
A stupid notion of adventure) Stupidity adventure) Foolish adventure)
We rape, we pillage, we conquer We rape, plunder, conquest We rape, plunder, conquest
Ourselves Us We
Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
You've just won blood You won just blood You just won the blood
Blood on your hands His blood His blood
Macbeth guffaws at you Laugh at the Macbeth Laughter's "Macbeth"
The wind chimes tinkle Wind bells ring Wind Bell
I hung it myself, I did my I am in my
To be reminded of what I can't see To be remembered that they can not see To remember that they can not see
Don't think of faith! I have faith and do not think so! I do not think so!
I blindfold myself to the dirt around Venda me around the globe I text all over the world
I see invisibly Please see my invisible To see if I can not see
Invisibilty Invisibilty Invisibilty
I make my own reality I am my own reality I have my own reality
Not virtual, not fictional The virtual non-fiction In fact, non-fiction
Mine My My
As do you, How As
You're plastic, you're fake Plastic, which can be bad Plastic, can be bad
I see right into you I, please refer to the right I pray the right
Not through you. In the case. In such a case.
I count bubbles flying through the sky I count the flying bubble I can not wait to fly to the bubble
They don't fly, they are pushed No Fly Press Note Fly News
Forced out into the world Force in world Forces in the world
Like babies Baby Baby
Babies ready to die Prepared for death of baby In preparation for child deaths
Butterflies who flutter about, The flutter of a butterfly, In the flutter of butterflies,
Their wings so readily earned, Sono Tasuku to get so easily Tasuku is that this is so easy
So quickly taken. So fast. So fast.
Yesterday I looked in the mirror Yesterday, I looked in the mirror Yesterday, I looked at the mirror
I was Aphrodite My Aphrodite My Aphrodite
She smirked at me I Smirke More than smirk
I flicked her off, My Flicker My flicker
She began a sing-song He began, "Song of Songs He began to say, "Song Song
I ran away I escape Escape
As I do with everything I have all I am
We all do We have it all We are all
Humans, we run the human race The man, the human race People, human
Controllers Controllers Controller
Of our own fate, Our fate, From Our destiny
Which is inherently demise. It is a natural decline. This is a natural decline.
I worship images of the unattainable, I worship the image of unattainable I like the image of God, can not be achieved
I distort myself I distort my China's distortion
As I distort you I will distort the understanding More distorted understanding
Your faults disturb me To worry about your mistakes Take care of their own mistakes
I have a staring contest with my dog. My dog is my eyes are competitive. My dog my eyes competitive.
I win. Win. Victory.
It because I am the most intelligent, Because I is smart Because I am smart
My brain is bigger, My brain is a major My brain is a great
Yeah, I keep up with the Jones' Yes, I agree with Jones Yes, I agree with Jones
Because I can and will be better And because I get better, And because I better
Then you Then Then
Me Me I
I am human, therefore I can I am human so I can I believe that human beings, so I can
Conquer Conquest Conquest
Destroy Destruction Destruction
Feast Fixed Fix
We are our own gluttony We pamper our As long as we have
We feed our vanity, greed, pride We vanity, greed, pride Feed We are very proud, greed, pride of power
And revel in it And And
Make it a fashion statement. Create a fashion statement. To create a fashion statement.
Oh my god! Like, totally amazing Oh, my God! Very surprised at how Oh, God! Very surprised how
We continue on our parade We rely on parade We rely on the march
Of generosity, of deceit Generosity, fraud Generous, fraud
So careful to hide the cracks, the problems So, crack, be careful about the issues Therefore, the cracks should be noted that the issue of
The wrinkles our face, Crease in the face of our In our
The holes in our lies We have a hole We have a hole
The blackholes of our souls Soul of a black hole The soul is a black hole
As a car sped past I flipped him off The speed of the car in the past, I The speed of the machine in the past, I
He flipped me the bird He has shown me the bird He showed me the birds
It came crashing into my windshield, It was my windshield He is my glass
My reality, My Reality China's reality
I held a funeral for the bird, I have a funeral for the bird I have a bird funeral
Buried in my backyard, Buried in my backyard Buried in my yard
I put a tear in my eye, I have tears in my eyes I have tears in my eyes
So the world would know of this small tragedy. I know that, in the world, this small tragedy. I know that in the world, this little drama.
Then I put a smile on my face, Then, the smile on my face Then, a smile on my face
It takes less muscles to smile It takes fewer muscles to laugh It requires less muscle laugh
Less effort Less work Less work
It's easy being me It's easy for me! This is very easy for me!
I am effortlessly human I am a simple man I am a simple person
I crave perfection, I thirst for perfection I want a perfect
But know I am not perfect. However, it is not perfect for me. However, this is not my ideal.
It's all cool, This is cool This is the cold
I accept reality. I accept the reality. I accept the reality.
I stare at people behind my sunglasses I have people behind the sunglasses and look at the They are the people, and look for glasses
I shoot daggers into the world Antagonism of the world shot Antagonism of the film in the world
I jauntily walk, knowing I am immune The fate of my feet, I know the immune The fate of my foot, I know, the immune system
It can't stab back. It is not a back stab. This does not come back to the knife.
I swing my hips knowingly, I know my swing is back I know my swing is back
You wear belt buckles stealthly Belt buckle bearing stealthly Belt buckle bearing stealthly
You can't fool me, I know what you want That you can not fool me, know what I want You can not fool me, I would like to
You want me stare at your cock, To see your cock To see your cock
As I want you to stare at my ass My Ass, see My ass, see
We all cheat on each other We are all the other tricks We have all of the other skills
With each other Each other Any other
We dance the erotic dance fully clothed Sensual dance, dressed in completely Emotional dance, dressed in completely
A smile on our lips Smile on the lips Smile lips
A wetness in our pants We are in the wet pants We are in the wet pants
Concealed. Disguise. Masking.
Don't worry honey, there's no secrets here , Here is a secret please do not worry honey This is the secret, do not worry honey
The whole world is a secret All the mysteries of the world All of the secret world
A mystery to unravel. To solve the mystery. In order to solve this mystery.
Eve is pissed. Eva is sour. New Year's Eve is harsh.
At you, at me, You are about me, about You are my, about
We were all tempted, We were all trying to We are all trying to
I just bitch-slapped him, I fucking hit him Hell I beat him
In turn I bled In return for my bread In response to my bread
Between my legs, Between my legs Between legs
God chortled. Gods chortled. Gods chortled.
I cried. I cried. I cried.
My hormones raged. My raging hormones. My raging hormones.
I went to my frying pan. I went to my bread. I went to my bread.
It welcomed me. He welcomed me. He welcomed my favor.
I take a rib from Adam and eat it, Eve joins me I have eaten the ribs of Adam and Eve I conclude the I have a rib of Adam and Eve, the end of
Athena chortles, Athena chortles, Athena chortles,
We kick them in the balls, We participate in a ball We are participating in the ball
Prenteding we are better then them, Prenteding're than those Prenteding're, in addition to those
But we aren't However, we do not However, there is
We just like to decieve ourselves, We are, we just need to decieve At present, we only need to decieve
As do you, How As
This isn't about gender or religion or geneitalia Genetic sex, and religion in Italy is not Hereditary, in Italy and religious
I'm not here to stroke your cock, I cook a stroke here, am Cook more than a stroke in the morning
Soothe your worries, Alleviate the concerns of their To alleviate their fear
Turn your frown up-side down. Frown turned out. This is unsatisfactory.
Please, continue fucking yourself Keep your fucking Hold down the hell
And others. Among others. And so on.
It's what I'm gunna do. I have been to Gunnar. I Gunnar.
Because I am human, Because I am human Because I have the right to
I know what's best. It's up to me. This happened to me.

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