Friday, June 5, 2009

6/5 To wander- now- is my Repose-


The Beggar Lad- dies early-
You standing underneath us
Please find your place
Sunrise aches the land
Bumblebees were stinging us
Admitance whines a child
The room grows scarce
For tomorrow we die
It is Somewhat in the Cold-
Once we are all inside
We were wearing nothing
Where grass blades are frigid
Shadows falling down on the beach sand
Something approaches the glow
The service can begin
And Somewhat in the Trudging feet-
For a moment, if you please
Little and insecure toes travel
And naked, you will see
To weigh the toenail
of an elephant in solitude
And haply, in the World-
That we are all the same
Such a happy human race
Hungry across the cosmos
Why should I feel intrusion?
The Cruel- smiling- bowing World-
A wicked, smirking place to grow
To get out of this place
Why be afraid of what we do not understand?
Cause we are tripping billies
That took its Cambric Way-
A closely knit community to the eye
we are all sitting
but those within exert the bands and ruffs
legs crossed around a fire
Drum beats louder
He heard the timid cry for “Bread”-
But stole Batista road instead
“Sweet Lady- Charity”-
Open up your head
Minds will wonder
leniency to judge
Open up your mouth
so aid the rich and
discharge the poor
It is coming out
among redeemed children
If Trudging feet may stand-
Out there, no food or drink
Plodding toes will drag in May
How many days do you think you would last
The Barefoot time forgotten- so-
A capital never conjured
It is coming out
The Sleet- the bitter Wind-
snow and rain
Hunger, till fed, give love instead
The children's hands teased for coins
Lifted adoring- then-
Time elevated
To Him whom never Ragged- Coat
Covering who he can
That never ragged- Emblem
of organs shed
Eat, drink and be merry
Did supplicate in vain-
Do not pray in vein

I meant to find Her when I came-
Floating in the lower nine
All the way to the end of the world
eating alligator pie
Yet intention burrowed to question
my being as a farrot
Not falling but rising like rolling around
Death-had the same design-
A heart rings dry
my love
a long body, brown ears, pink nose
Without a trace we'll be gone
But the Success- was His- it seems-
to grow in his pride filled home
that tied me tight up again
And the Surrender- Mine-
bareboned and crazy
Where the old men used to be
A sale of character
buying most liqour, but never gin
tied up and twisted
I destined to exhibit how I longed
to say something to say
The color I would like to be
Of this watch and of the time
Waring so well
But death had told him that the medal
She had past, was with Him-
And it passed with the
glide of a shark in a river
So to wander now is my plan
the slimy desert, poking jungle
To stop would be
A privilege of Hurricane
And the mémoire of me

A South Wind- has a pathos
to grant pity on a struggling clover
Of individual Voice-
to those who do not listen but a
crowd serenades the steady passenger
As One detect on Landings
to eat you up
Disembarking an event to be
to make death shine
An Emigrant’s address of direction
A scent of toilets and villages
much not understood because
I do not mean much but
shake me like a monkey in
the fairer for so far
as the foreignhood.

Slow as a rabbit and
quick as a turtle
I will confront this jumpsuit
To identify by black white or orange
And find my own way out
A prisoner is a
lion in a zoo
Man behind bars
bird with clipped wings
the mind dreams and reveals
as the difficulty coming here trying
to keep with the excitement
of a gift bag
But the ghosts come back
only this far
tapping the conga, waltzing a design
splashing dreams and tears
telling me to stay.

We could have said
wanted to joke
ached to praise
whined to sing
giggled to burp
but instead got crushed
being right side up but feeling
upside down
We drove until morning
sitting and smoking
reeling does not only happen
when using a fishing pole and
bait is not only used to catch fish
A monkey in a suit and tie
reeled in the curiousity of me the banana
by the bait of the wind to impose
Isaiah the man of an eagle
and made things feel so right, he said
i won't spill a drop, no,
i promise you
i will treat you sweetly and turned me
upside down always.

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