Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lorine Niedecker Cento

Word count - 322

Can knowledge be conveyed that isn’t felt? (150)

I was the solitary plover (265)

No retiring summer stroke (88)

I lost you to water, summer (277)

I’m sorry to have missed Sand Lake (237)

These were my passions (281)

He bowed to everyone he met (278)

We’d have danced (220)

Out of the great courtyard (22o)

The night I heard the wild (208)

Early morning corn (206)

Some float off on chocolate bars (207)

Mickey Mouse leaned on a bubble (290)

You are the man (283)

You are my other country (283)

I am abandoning the rich (279)

In swale and swamp and sworn (261)

Where the arrows of the road signs lead us (247)

My sense of property’s (246)

Pointed towards (238)

Part coral (239)

Out of the great courtyard (220)

Bird singing (221)

Open – field (206)

They floodlight it – (207)

They fish, a man (196)

Our talk, our books (196)

You were my mother, thorn apple bush (175)

Comets you say shoot from nothing? (175)

July, waxwings (174)

Carnegie Hall, the great musicbox – (161)

They live a cool distance (160)

Lonely woman not prompted (115)

By freshness from the sky (115)

To beat the sweet tenor (82)

Who has unsettled you about this matter? (77)

I consume it my dignity (71)

Now I can get them teeth. That will be a comfort, it will. (354)

Dark road home (290)

Tell em to take my bare walls down (291)

Delicious flower (281)

Beholds the moon (270)

Not all harsh sounds displease (271)

Our talk, our books (196)

Where her snow – grave is (181)

His eyes are clear in this air (146)

The thought that stings. How are you, Nothing, (147)

One Sunday morning (126)

You’ll do! Take this slip (127)

The police described him (80)

Raw, wind, rain, (81)

If only my friend (203)

Would return (203)

Something in the water (202)

The recommended melon (211)


Works cited: Niedecker, Lorine. Collected Works. Ed. Jenny Penberthy. Berkley: University of California Press, 2002

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