Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Niedecker Cento

You could go to the Underground’s platform (92)
An architect (185)
Stood stolid (149)
Until- before his eyes (196)
He moved in light (168)
Jesus pay for the working soul (85)
All gay transport soon ends (25)

Heart, be still. (25)
One translucent morning (37)
I don’t suppose a man ever, no, I don’t suppose a man ever (74)
Put the spices in the wrong place. (95)
Look around, dear head, you’ve never read (100)
Past the Tower that can be seen (220)
On a winter wave ride. (227)

Beautiful girl- (185)
In grey weather (184)
Hit home (130)
At times I sit in the dunes, (108)
To pour wine over cabbage (200)
Under wild flowers sons (210)
I’m rotting here- (222)

The maples along the river (223)
Smack the sweets-seeker (251)
While you on a stool (141)
Gather all the old, rip and sew (102)
To see the man who took care of our stock (103)
But for you, little one, (128)
Consciousness is illimitable (148)
Could you be right? (129)
Saw many die of cold and the whips (165)
I’d be a never-museumed tinted glass (130)
If they’d give me a job and I didn’t get bombed (96)
Sleep and it won’t matter. (119)

Don’t fall in love (193)
With brilliance (204)
My friend made green (221)
Lived simply. Gardened. Saw visions. (226)
And gave us a first-hand country shake. (103)
Her hair is high. (107)
And she could shoot (262)
Thru the mouth (269)
Of fishes (256)
From Newcastle on Tyne (254)
To be wife and kid (96)
Where the water rose (262)
I go to school to her (273)
Sleep’s dream (287)
To stop for breath (296)
How she loved. (252)
You are lovely (199)
While sitting. (191)
You in the leaves sweetly growing- (172)
You are my friend- (189)
I love you. (185)


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