Friday, June 5, 2009


664 words

Fuckin swear if you want. And don’t if you don’t. Goddamn.

After dinner she was looking all

Fucked and happy

I fucked

Up shit’s creek

Damn and hell

I like the flower sent of my words

When they spew from me

They don’t hurt


To be stabbed by a spear

Would be offensive

If I really deserved this crude

Weapon fashioned from the tongue

Of a tree giving me licks

Into my vitals and ears

Only catch faint rumblings of wind

And piercing blows

Of air displacement

Of my limbs from sharpened

Words is impossible

To ignore the points I’m making about

This spear being a real

Spear and not really air

And vibrations are really what

Words are

Of course I couldn’t enjamb

A spear into your side


This fairly intelligent poem


Here’s what I’ve been hearing


Be quiet and drive far away

Make it as hasty as possible

Come as you are

Not as you think I want you to be

Alive with the glory of love

I can tell this is home for you


Is where I would take you if you wanted me to


Let’s get you out of those devilish duds

Rock and roll could never hip hop like this

Unless you put on a headband and showed me how

Human after all

Let us never forget what we did here tonight

The house burnt down so fast



(a poem by Lorine Niedecker unmastered via google translator)

In some big snow before the bomb 
Colored lights Christmas tree 
Windows, just to keep the hole 
Along this path 

He worked in the press 
Among those in the bottom right 
People of all schools of poetry 
Terrible, and many others. 

I Blondie 
I got the block in the price of pork 
If the handle, the Larry, 
Do not ever take anywhere 
Never was empty 
We do not know, please, leave, 
Tanked Defense. 

I heard the old Newtonian Radio -- 
The most cruel agents 
As companies grow more corrupt. 
What an animal! Women who have jobs - the 
House cleaning, cooking, child care, cheers 
And go to church. 

What do they say if they knew 
ON THE LINES Six months 




I can see where I want to make a permanent ... yes. 
Entry to right, the dark, eyes ... Oh, yes .... 
All the ghetto, the boot-chewing grass, but to ignore it, yes. 
The baby, this war, I will not give beautiful crazy ... Oh, no, no .... 

No, I will not, do not let you ... Not ... 
Oh, no ... I will not let you ... You leave No, no ... 
No, no, no, no .... 

Axis, and yes, the city and the shit we have a bill ... 
The building, between the gold trim, such as wallets, shoes, and you can choose ... Oh, yes. 
But Miss Black eyeliner every day is saved, see ... 
These painful OoOoO you love me, so good ... 
You do not live far away days. 
Bin size: 

"Life! Life! Love life, love life, and tonight ..." 
"Life! Life! Love life, love life, and tonight ..." 

(No, I do not, do not tell you ... No, no ... 
Hey, no ... I will not let you ... Do not let it go ...) 

Our Treblinka, love and success .... animated 
Treblinka, alive with love and win! Yes! 

(OK, a quick .... go!) 

We can get a war in the camp, yes, the telegraph. 
I would imagine this time .... no doubt you Oh, yes. 
I can kill me, love me like a ball for me, yes, hot. 
I know the goal: the war, this value. Do not ... 

No, I do .... I do not 
No, I do .... I do not 
No, I do .... I do not 

(Life! Life! Love life today life with love ...) 
Hell no, no ... Hey, no, I will not let you .... do not No, no. 
No! No!

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