Tuesday, June 9, 2009


(Kelly Gibbons 893)

I glance at the plastic cow
She offers me her milk
I want to refuse, but I do not want to be
I don't want plastic chemicals
I am already a chemical
A disgusting succubus of falisty
Of fakeness, of unreality
When I die the crows will
Over my body
They know I am poison.
I see the statue of liberty,
Some ridiculous minature, a lawn ornament,
Someone has taken the liberty to paint Her in
American flag colors.
She looks disgusted. Demeaned.
A dead deer stares at the sky,
Her body mangled,
Rigor mortise
Her face is serene
There is a truck bed full
Of signs
The ones that flash on the side of the road
Orange Orange
But they are lying still, face down
Waiting for their purpose to be fulfilled
I crunch gravel underneath my feet
My shoes oppress
My laughter shatters
I am destruction
Because I am human
I take and take and take
I never learned to share
No one did, we just pretended
We take and do not give back,
We are all smiles about it
You smile at your deceit
Shocked by the lack of care in this world,
You'll get what's coming to you
You chemical infested heathen
I cry at my humanity
Yet I sit silent
I eat the ovaries of trees
I enjoy their sweetness
I watch a horse grazing
I know its power
Beauty, grace, love
I covet these things,
As I covet you
And sin,
Beauty is a falsity
My mascara whispers lies
To my eyes
And yours
My lipstick spreads color
And death
Something died to make me beautiful
It's all a facade
The makeup
Take, take, take
We are all Vikings
(Don't let that evoke some nostalgia
A stupid notion of adventure)
We rape, we pillage, we conquer
You've just won blood
Blood on your hands
Macbeth guffaws at you
The wind chimes tinkle
I hung it myself,
To be reminded of what I can't see
Don't think of faith!
I blindfold myself to the dirt around
I see invisibly
I make my own reality
Not virtual, not fictional
As do you,
You're plastic, you're fake
I see right into you
Not through you.
I count bubbles flying through the sky
They don't fly, they are pushed
Forced out into the world
Like babies
Babies ready to die
Butterflies who flutter about,
Their wings so readily earned,
So quickly taken.
Yesterday I looked in the mirror
I was Aphrodite
She smirked at me
I flicked her off,
She began a sing-song
I ran away
As I do with everything
We all do
Humans, we run the human race
Of our own fate,
Which is inherently demise.
I worship images of the unattainable,
I distort myself
As I distort you
Your faults disturb me
I have a staring contest with my dog.
I win.
It because I am the most intelligent,
My brain is bigger,
Yeah, I keep up with the Jones'
Because I can and will be better
Then you
The world
I am human, therefore I can
We are our own gluttony
We feed our vanity, greed, pride
And revel in it
Make it a fashion statement.
Oh my god! Like, totally amazing
We continue on our parade
Of generosity, of deceit
So careful to hide the cracks, the problems
The wrinkles our face,
The holes in our lies
The blackholes of our souls
As a car sped past I flipped him off
He flipped me the bird
It came crashing into my windshield,
My reality,
I held a funeral for the bird,
Buried in my backyard,
I put a tear in my eye,
So the world would know of this small tragedy.
Then I put a smile on my face,
It takes less muscles to smile
Less effort
It's easy being me
I am effortlessly human
I crave perfection,
But know I am not perfect.
It's all cool,
I accept reality.
I stare at people behind my sunglasses
I shoot daggers into the world
I jauntily walk, knowing I am immune
It can't stab back.
I swing my hips knowingly,
You wear belt buckles stealthly
You can't fool me, I know what you want
You want me stare at your cock,
As I want you to stare at my ass
We all cheat on each other
With each other
We dance the erotic dance fully clothed
A smile on our lips
A wetness in our pants
Don't worry honey, there's no secrets here
The whole world is a secret
A mystery to unravel.
Eve is pissed.
At you, at me,
We were all tempted,
Fuck Adam.
I just bitch-slapped him,
In turn I bled
Between my legs,
God chortled.
I cried.
My hormones raged.
I went to my frying pan.
It welcomed me.
I take a rib from Adam and eat it, Eve joins me
Athena chortles,
We kick them in the balls,
Prenteding we are better then them,
But we aren't
We just like to decieve ourselves,
As do you,
This isn't about gender or religion or geneitalia
I'm not here to stroke your cock,
Soothe your worries,
Turn your frown up-side down.
Please, continue fucking yourself
And others.
It's what I'm gunna do.
Because I am human,
I know what's best.

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