Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LaToya Lewis blog #5

Word Count= 300
Troubles to win
The strength to change
From going there
I saved and saved
I let them know
Not feeling well, my wood uncut.
Stiff as if a stork
And I am old
It looked me dead in the face
Lonely woman, not prompted
It’s going to rain and if we’re wise
Sleep and it won’t matter
And as I left a sucker jumped me
Terrible things coming up
I guess it’s because there ’r too many
Could you be right?
Who died
And missed
My head always down
I suppose there is nothing
I thought-
Why can’t I be happy
In this dark
I’m a fool
Not snapped by the storm
Holed damped
I heard suddenly
My life
All things move toward
River rising-flood
Naturally wet
Of the river
Who knew how to clean up
With wonder
Beyond my life
Much less understand it
Through the deep…
Of words
Even for death
Removed a tear
A long dream to unroll
In sleep I drew a sausage-
Yet he could say: no one
Let us pray
Beginning to fit
In grey weather
Of black
No matter where you are
Look, the woods, the sky, our home
I know the owner of the store
No better reading
From my bed I see
His own food and place
And the rainbow
Here we last,
Trees need care
Watch! In some flowers
Look close
Or you don’t
I lost a view…I saw
Understand me dead is nothing
Sleep and it won’t matter
It would be good
What horror to awake at night
The means to go on
Wash and say good night
Let me hear good night
Flash to black
Keep cool
What for?
Find summer
With me
Do you see?-
You are alone
My friend tree

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