Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Word count 317

Into order to further misscomunicate ,
We must internalize the Fluctuation of my proximinity
Now she’s gone P111
Just let it run to the rabbit,
Unorganized thoughts swimming abruptly,
Lowlifes spitting
gazing sporadicly at a concealed splendor
Who needs a piece of literal interpretation with a hidden agenda that will contain all that we believe?
that the chaotic understanding will be minimized.
Turn the lights off and shut your toes.
Listen to the bricks as they chime your name
Autumn Nights, P225
flourish, while all i want
I just want to be left alone,
so that may enjoy the splendor we call air
who doesn’t seem to comprehend
the precious gifts of wet dreams.
clear the dreams that once inhabited our fingers.
Pop pills unitl your nose bleeds
And rub static until your heart collapses
from the love that receives once you realize that no air
No apologizes
To those who ignite the sea
With their souls the overflow their thoughts
Of nothingness who once
Slit your toes
Watching dancers on skate p205
I am not skating
I am not yelling!
Those who fail to understand that I am truly a genius
Go ahead and laugh!
Ill gets my revenge, once my emotion stops
Masturbating to itself
Sue me
I am not understandable
Because I don’t have a choice to understand
I am a word
I am a breeze
I am the battle that one fights with the Jehovah’s witnesses
That seems to bother the dips
Dangling from our underwear
And frustrating our armpits
They then realize that they are arm pits
And have nothing to gain, except maybe more hair
Showing the impractical that they can become the wind
And food for those who are not examining their belongings.
Pigheaded and hotheaded and rocking their belonging to the
Reverse side of the sophomores
We’ve made everything a new
A new day and night where everyone is left fire.

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