Friday, June 5, 2009

Somebody's others and Mine own

word count: 729

Dickinson #456~
So that I can live without I love you, so how is that? Like Jesus? Try me He loved-Men -- How I love you –

Dickinson #457~
Sweet-safe-House Glade-Gay-house Sealed tight so pompous -- Complete steel-on-fill of Marble Block bare feet out -- Brooks of Plush in banks in Satin Not so softley fall As the laughter and whispering -- Since its Peaple Pearl -- Not likely disease You rub your magnificent treasures -- Anguish and the Tomb -- Hum-in muffled by Coaches -- Less them - so the question -- All - to the press of Smiling -- Interrupted to die

My own~
I live to love I live for laughter I live to live But what about today? to die is to live, to find meaning in our cycle That can not find the meaning of our lives today? Today is notthe day. Neither is tomorrow. I want to find out. Appear to eat sleep cycle I want to know.

Niedecker, March~

Bird food fill
the snow
off ... two old men -- Proposal to live together take turns cooking, washing dishes they were the only two. Your friend: "our way of life is so different You spit I do not spit

My father said, "remind me a warm Thanksgiving Day We dispatched seine homeless nudged £ 20,000. by buffalo fish barged balmy moonlight sometimes You started with the hands glaxed for networks

deadnow she lay deaf to deathshe could have grown a good SwedeBurial in the groundand how she'd have loved these woodsOne of her pallbearers said Ilike the deer followed the dumfoolwanted to see her jump the fence --never'd seen a deer fence to Gopretty thing

My own~
A Cat
I’d love a man
Who loves a cat
But no such thing has ever occurred
I’d like to switch the switch-plate
And make one my own
Mold a plastic individual
To MY mold of metal
Burn, scortch, lay me down
Turn me around and around
Lay under the sun to cool
And be mine own

My friend is getting married
We are all her bridesmaids.
Her fiancĂ©, waiting forever….
A crazy, laughing animal
A funny animal
A vicious silly animal
An animal stamped with the cigar of burns by Hades
She wears a dress of black silk
Flows steadily from her bosom
Blood drips from the raging thighs
The red condemns the swirl white carpet under harm’s way
A father’s half moon turns upside down
His face comes white with fear
A mother’s hair deflates with hot air
Pouring as boiling water from lover’s mouths.
A white May of delicious blooms
Withers, wilts, wanders, and burns as it touches
Ash- rimed eys.
His claws caress the hard floor
As a giddy and anxous crowd seethes
And grows blacked by the second
With their blood shot corneas splitting
Fire down the alley menacing
Hearts loving hands black tattoo forever
Stamped in leu of an absent ring
Mixed black opal dripping burning
Blood arm turning shaking bones breaking venom spewing
Carpet black open wounds dropping crow screaming flames licking crying
Bombs erupting terrors unscathing expanding seething!

A Day
Why is my day creeping
Smoothly steadily down the black hole
An open water beckons, drips and calls
For fun and laughter enjoyment did not go with me
A day in a room blackened with night
It paints its walls funny colors of unsightly things
Murky water fills my bed
A seaweed hand caresses my toe
It grabs
Does not ever let go
Wants to pull me down
Into the deep murky oil sea it has created
A land had no surface
In a room with all sea.
A black hole thought starts my brain into panic
It expands and shrinks with a body as a guest
My head explodes with a black hole
A shadow creeps reaches grabs alive
Calls me by name
Flame licks the one who thinks it
A kidnapper, a murderer, a thief, a menace
Call me by name
Join their army, they say
The best one on Earth

I slip down their grasp
Blinding black sea
Foaming at the mouth
Making me crazy, I turn back to run
Nowhere to go but into their open arms
I jump, I cling, I tear at their clothes. I
Fall and drown into the clutches.

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