Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lorine Niedecker Cento

Janet Duszak
Word Count (334)
Lorine Niedecker Cento
Let’s play a game (117)
Tell me a story about the war (118)
I spent my money (90)
To inspect his forty acres (98)
Ash woods, willow, close to shore (93)
Witnesses judged him as good as the average (97)
It looked me dead in the face (100)
There’s better shine (101)
They came at a pace (103)
Good-bye to lilacs by the door (107)
At times I sit in the dunes (108)
Instead of shaded here (134)
Hummingbirds fly (128)
Look close (129)
A working man appeared in the street (115)
Lonely woman, not prompted (115)
Terrible things coming up (119)
People want to live in em (119)
I’m not young (135)
Understand me, dead is nothing (138)
To know, to love… if we knew nothing (139)
How bright you’ll find young people (139)
The young ones go away to school (140)
In the great snowfall before the bomb (142)
I sit for two months on six lines (143)
Not all that’s heard is music. We leave (143)
My friend the black and white collie (159)
At right, six lines, no child should hear more (144)
It would be good (145)
His eyes are clear in this air (146)
High, lovely, light (131)
Can knowledge be conveyed that isn’t felt? (15)
All children begin with the life of the mind (153)
Two doors to close two openings (155)
When the leaves fall (156)
I am sick with the Time’s buying sickness (157)
I need a piano (157)
The death of my poor father (157)
In the picture soldiers (164)
Energy glows at the lips (162)
From Croatia my home to Moelling no pay (160)
At Bergen built roads tied to a pot (165)
My daughters left home (165)
She grew where every spring (166)
Tall, thin, took cold on her nerves (166)
I sit in my own house (167)
Along the river wild sunflowers (168)
He moved in light (168)
He lived-childhood summers (169)

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