Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Niedecker Cento

wc 312
Julie Zei

Water lily mud (261)
I lost you to water, summer 227
Smoked from lighted paper 217
Rain squalls through moonlight 294
An acid acutely akin 298
Of Brazil 295

Here we last, 120
I wish he’d taken Pa’s spitbox! 101
I said to my head, Write something. 100
Tho he sees your wild eyes 92
A tour of the tines—82

To war the kept 89
We saw it-Iceland-the end 294
The details left 299
He wrote Lyell: Don’t forget 298
Young girl to marry, 90
Came in. 91

Troubles to win 85
His hair’s aflame 86
The clerk said Oh 88
No retiring summer stroke 88

You could go to the Underground’s platform 92
Ash woods, willow, close to shore, 93
My man says the wind blows from the south, 97
Tho’t I’d stop with you a little,
He gives up cost on his tree-covered shack—101

Summer’s away, I traded my chicks for trees 110
Seven years a charming woman wore 111
The land of four o’clocks is here 111
My daughters left home 114
Arrives unsparkling but dry—115

Reason explodes. Atomic split 125
When he sends the rays against himself? 129
A bomb in feathers! 128
“An acre of music” 125

Look close 129
Now six years old: 137
How bright you’ll find young people, 139
Master Paul Kung. 152
In the pictures of soldiers 164

Lilacs, vacant lots, 164
Nothing worth noting 181
Beautiful girl—185
I love you 185
The men leave the car 190
How are the children? 191
The place is asleep 196

Myself, I gripped my melting container 208
So he said 209
I am sick with the Time’s buying sickness. 157
Last night the trash barrel 217
My friend made green 221
Immediacy 221

Through all this granite land 233
My life 237
Why should we hurry 236
Unsurpassed in beauty 243
Lady’s tresses 250


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