Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Cento of Lorine Niedecker by Jessica Frohling

Page #
I prefer my women on paper. 76
You’ll always get an answer 90
Of the moon-woman passing amid silk 24
Into the shadow 26
I am at rest 189
St. Augustine 192
Old man who seined 174
Among birch 242
Pulled down to the ground 255
Discussing heaven 256
Lost his head 257
There he sits and fishes 99
Riled the shore like bullheads 196
I must have been washed in listenably across the landscape 31
Raw wind, rain 81
Ash woods, willow, close to shore, 93
I face the east and the wind’s in my mouth, 97
There was a bridge once that said I’m going 87
Good- bye lilacs be the door 107
From my bed I see 104
Sun, turn the earth once more 106
Eager to remain 133
I’ve spent my life on nothing. 147
Before my death is certified, 158
I sit in my own house 167
I am lame and dizzy but eat 171
The cherry trees are in flower 176
My life is hung up 193
Many things are better 200
After all, ecstasy 202
Hang your tea-cup relations. 76
The music, lady 94
There’s a better shine 101
In feather comes 104
An effort to rise or stand up straight. 106
O let me rise to the door-knob 117
Sleep and it won’t matter. 119
Give me sweet pills? 128
They rave to me of contests. 134
Sorrow moves in wide waves, 148
I am sick with the Time’s buying sickness. 157
The trees full of snipers, the new kind 273
Darkinfested 287
Saw insects trapped 298
Against a large pine-spread— 190
Things that move, yes!— 172
Smile 242
You in the leaves sweetly growing— 172
Unsurpassed in beauty 243
Mind leaving, let body leave 281
A house without heat—

Word count: 300 words

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