Tuesday, June 2, 2009


(Kelly Gibbons 339)

I met him (241)
You are lovely (199)
you demand- (94)
We stayed til the stamens trembled (196)
one proposed they live together (132)
wet inside:they must swim (181)
we questioned (189)
she needs bodice uplift (166)
A though game, art. (161)
to float the ear in beauty (153)
moved him-
and who (183)
imitation silk black dress (152)
What a woman!-hooks men like rugs (108)
she's felt the prongs of her own advance (115)
You can tell they're no good (120)
They separated (81)
To wit, the lover said (79)
he flashed and went down (126)
as you come in. (141)
from too much hurt (146)
a gift from me, (153)
social love (202)
He blushed (218)
penetrating?-if you mean (222)
by man (253)
Do feel however (255)
upon the pressure (265)
you ought to put forth (210)
no modesty anymore (118)
young aloofness (133)
we can' afford it. Selfish of her. (132)
You're my type, you're okay. (148)
soft bed, the whole easy lot if us, (160)
All creatures whatsoever this desire glow (162)
(your hand!- (247)
(the senses stimulate the mind) (272)
I remember, he said (298)
After all, ecstasy (202)
in my favor (225)
the desire to know (256)
From my bed I see (104)
after storm shall we speak of love? (174)
pert girls. (227)
in marriage (277)
so well loved (293)
little warmth, but honor in her loose (111)
for failure to molest. (115)
a pleasure now (160)
aint what attracts me (206)
I lay down (204)
to see her wed in the rich (170)
over my head (168)
too good to forsake (148)
Let's play a game (127)
happy anniversay (127)
You are the man (283)
Now I must retract (279)
Saw his wife return (261)
She held his hand and told him where to sign (101)
-an evening seedy. (182)
and here it is- (250)
I doubt I'll get silk stockings out (103)
the skirt I've saved so long (102)
Here we last (120)
for all intentions (80)
life term (82)

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