Friday, June 5, 2009

Colours of October
Wait with easy dignity
For the big change-
Like gorgeous quill-pens
In old inkwells
Almost dry.
The obliteration
Of the world
His dinner speech
Tonight we ride
Out to the window
Where the crystal ball shines
And then we drift,
To the places where we can barely imagine
Hardships sailing, nasty.
Thoughts of you
God is a woman
Bring me the lights
Love each other
Lets be the love that beds envy
The arbitrary one,
who believes in the bicycle
Talk to me!
Let go of all
then Lend me your
Pickles, pencils, and peppermints
So that I may do the do
Then tell me you love me
So that I may eat you
Then throw up all of the things that I like
Which is not quite nothing
But automatic easy
Fear me like the easy
Be on the hard, as if it were ...hard
Have faith young one, the worst is almost here
Fight the romantic vents
They spew lies,
In the heart of the deaf
Because they are misunderstood beyond understandinization
They try to romatinticize the vaginal exploration of thought
But to his circumcision
He was only given money, and tooth paste.
He sold the tooth paste, for a comforter, so that he could re-anna
Holly, and Beth, and Stephanie, and Kristi.
Baby, wait
Lets reconsider
I promise I really am a decent n___r
I promise I can falsify and satirize, the wet brick..
Just take my had, follow me
into the place that was made for you and your mother
I always liked her more than you
I owe you
I want you to follow
Kill your foot
I used to be banned from the cabinet
But only few can exist be spot on
Hit me because I am wrong
Learn the facts because they are truly anklets
And their true purpose... is sinister
Gather the rings.
Then get cut
Then get stabbed and explode on those who wrap.
Cut the swallong sea, lay cement down.

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