Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friends of poetry


Word Count Total: 5,240
Word Count Prologue: 910

A poet turns to find
another poet shrieking
at his big toe.
Lifting their enormous
jaws and Tyrannosaurus
Rex grin a roarrr and
their battle begins.
Viktor Shklovsky yelps
Art as Technique or
Device, I am and will
forever be right you
doo doo head ignoramus
idiot! The purpose of this
is to make the stone,
stony again and
look at all of these
Walt Whitman growls stomping
his horse feet neighing
"Poo poo on you fool.
Poems are created by a
poet and poets have to
remember a shit load
of features to be
considered great!
They have to be transcendent,
new, indirect, and not
descriptive or epic.
Leaves of Grass, get it?
Me either!"
Watching in the stands
as Schlovsky and Whitman
are about to tag in
the next two poets
yelling blah
blah yipping
pulling hair
chapped lips
rivers were the first
muscox, animals
paint, banana
not routine speech
David Antin is an
author of "talk
maybe it is better
to not know or
answer the
having bad thoughts
me, you
you, who
you, me
the spirit as an
antelope affecting
the leaking body
blood, snot, puke, poop
as much as
the mind
Gorilla minds, big
sick minds can make
their big bodies
Tarzan and Jane
speed dial four
signal and noise
the soul knows
a poet knows
the Indian culture
relates the souls of
toe nails
with that of people
maybe a hot ass
time travel
soul in the voice and
language of people
toe nails
mind travel
but I do not throw it
out either."
Affect style like a
chick flick or song
by Taylor Swift
no fear, jealousy or
envy, love what
is, love the truth
do not be overly
cautious. Do you hear
Teardrops on my Guitar?
Equanimity, calm
generosity with
Praise, faith, helpfulness
be positive, composed and
never discouraged.
Courteney Cox says
to Jennifer Aniston.
connection between I and
starts with smelling, burping,
asks questions and
now, now
like the naked men
across the road in
a bird bath bathing
a woman
watching animals.
Not shying away from
What behaved well in the
past or behaves well
is not such a wonder
The wonder is always and
always how there
can be a
mean man or
loose words
loose lips
body electric
we know this
stuff, but need to be reminded.
sum up
read work
shift work
the plumber is here to
fix your sink
you bald head
but first you have to go to sleep
underneath your
swimming pool and
sing a song
to me about
soda soda
To learn and keep
any information in
your noggin or
junk in the trunk
be kind, warm-
hearted generous
our energy will
we will become
smarter and
we might find a few
more people
at our
"Simmering, simmering,
simmering, and
Emerson brought
me to a boil"
squawked Whitman
in rolls
Mikhail Bakhtin
"To not be against
official culture is
delightfully dumb!"
Apes are more likely to
talk about the
here and now
Birds have many
styles Lions have
many voices.
With WWF
painted across his
chest he dramatically
tags Whitman back
"No clown will make
assumptions about the
size of my
foot or judge my
bozo buckets until they
get to know my circus.
And I will do the
same of them."
A good clown is
easy to identify by the
on his face
The way a clown
dresses does
reveal the
quality of them.
A nice suit and wig on a
stuck up
clown does not
hide his
A tattered suit and wig on a
good clown does
not cover his
By seeing the way the
striped lions
skinny elephants and
talking dogs admire a
it is clear how wonderful
he is without needing to
know him."
The body odor of men and
women often will
please the soul
make the globe
enchant the world
newal of the antelope
at my temple
dances a tiny man
speaking in my
making me yell
Logic is a man
knocking on your
door for a date
but wait
stay away
from the
this date rape
will getcha!
And get your
date a little
Twenty four
hours later
you twist and
shout and
Where did you
hide it
it is huge lets
open it
I left it here for a
you pull some
handles and
you will win
every time.
Not being able to
do it for so
makes you understand
how much
it is.
he is.
she is.
they are.
To knock off all
of your top scores
hogging the
causes problems
when trying to
spit out
chocolate bars
to water the
Brownies are
preferred by flowers
and cake by
bushes but
the sky can cause
destruction to those
that are
So let me start
by introducing myself
the radio
Do you want
to show you
moves or tell.
I lull
I creep
I purr and
With me by your
own best
People who
do not know what
I mean
have never attempted
to try.
With the claw away
from the screen
if you had to grope
try a
Put on shiny
lip balm to attract
a fly
to a flame
heavy breathing
a wonderful
holiday provided
to you by such a
beautiful insect
unable to deny
the crane of
a color that so
easily can
gather a stain
to a cloth
during a winter
A lobster was
up sick all
night and
stayed in
its room.
That little bitch
made me cut
it sucking it
paying a price
that no one would
pay even to
see an
Stretching during a
lecture made that
damn lobster
realize that
dinosaurs are
coming back.
Its crystal
geyser fetish
made it run
across town
to read a menu
about dinosaurs
where it fell
Go left
Go right
Cover your ears
Cover your head
look at the machine
hidden under
your bed.
My dog died from
one glace at the
and my dad lost
his speech.
So let me continue that
this machine
is located in
different locations
roller skating across
the globe kneads an
obvious hill of
discovery that
this machine is
cute precious
and something
you will never
Live chat
pink daisies
thrashed upon
a trash can with
the headless
talking of a potent
eating a can of
refried beans
Funk the headless
used to be such a
bright young
until the grass
of the Antilles
ate him up
ate him up
ate him up
really it did.
In his town
the flat, dirty,
unnatural, disgusting
houses were made of
teeth and bushes were
made of
Colored bands held this
town together
the radical enemy.
In this town the
dollar taco
wedding dinner
was made by
Farmer Joe.
He had three
nubbins this friendly
fellow did. After the
wedding Farmer
Joe saw a knight
holding up a tightly
It was so
Feeling lonely that
I slept with my lamp
in my twin sized
The next morning
I woke up to one of
Farmer Joe's
who had no toe
nails going round
and round
"Nerner Lezzie
Mo Mo is another
name for homo,
when it comes out
pitted zits
and cooties.
It was some
kind of
cute so now
this nubbin stays
with me
in my twin sized
and my
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Beggar Lad- dies early-
You standing underneath us
Please find your place
Sunrise aches the land
Bumblebees were stinging us
Admittance whines a child
The room grows scarce
For tomorrow we die
It is somewhat in the Cold-
Once we are all inside
We were wearing nothing
Where grass blades are frigid
Shadows falling down on the beach sand
Something approaches the glow
The service can begin
And somewhat in the Trudging feet-
For a moment, if you please
Little and insecure toes travel
And naked, you will see
To weigh the toenail
of an elephant in solitude
And haply, in the World-
That we are all the same
Such a happy human race
Hungry across the cosmos
Why should I feel intrusion?
The Cruel- smiling- bowing World-
A wicked, smirking place to grow
To get out of this place
Why be afraid of what we do not understand?
Cause we are tripping billies
That took its Cambric Way-
A closely knit community to the eye
we are all sitting
but those within exert the bands and ruffs
legs crossed around a fire
Drum beats louder
He heard the timid cry for “Bread”-
But stole Batista road instead
“Sweet Lady- Charity”-
Open up your head
Minds will wonder
leniency to judge
Open up your mouth
so aid the rich and
discharge the poor
It is coming out
among redeemed children
If trudging feet may stand-
Out there, no food or drink
Plodding toes will drag in May
How many days do you think you would last
The Barefoot time forgotten- so-
A capital never conjured
It is coming out
The Sleet- the bitter Wind-
snow and rain
Hunger, till fed, give love instead
The children's hands teased for coins
Lifted adoring- then-
Time elevated
To Him whom never ragged- Coat
Covering who he can
That never ragged- Emblem
of organs shed
Eat, drink and be merry
Did supplicate in vain-
Do not pray in vein
I meant to find Her when I came-
Floating in the lower nine
All the way to the end of the world
eating alligator pie
Yet intention burrowed to question
my being as a ferret
Not falling but rising like rolling around
Death-had the same design-
A heart rings dry
my love
a long body, brown ears, pink nose
Without a trace we'll be gone
But the Success- was His- it seems-
to grow in his pride filled home
that tied me tight up again
And the Surrender- Mine-
bare boned and crazy
Where the old men used to be
A sale of character
buying most liquor, but never gin
tied up and twisted
I destined to exhibit how I longed
to say something to say
The color I would like to be
Of this watch and of the time
Waring so well
But death had told him that the medal
She had past, was with Him-
And it passed with the
glide of a shark in a river
So to wander now is my plan
the slimy desert, poking jungle
To stop would be
A privilege of Hurricane
And the mémoire of me
A South Wind- has a pathos
to grant pity on a struggling clover
Of individual Voice-
to those who do not listen but a
crowd serenades the steady passenger
As One detect on Landings
to eat you up
Disembarking an event to be
to make death shine
An Emigrant’s address of direction
A scent of toilets and villages
much not understood because
I do not mean much but
shake me like a monkey in
the fairer for so far
as the foreign hood.
Slow as a rabbit and
quick as a turtle
I will confront this jumpsuit
To identify by black white or orange
And find my own way out
A prisoner is a
lion in a zoo
Man behind bars
bird with clipped wings
the mind dreams and reveals
as the difficulty coming here trying
to keep with the excitement
of a gift bag
But the ghosts come back
only this far
tapping the conga, waltzing a design
splashing dreams and tears
telling me to stay.
We could have said
wanted to joke
ached to praise
whined to sing
giggled to burp
but instead got crushed
being right side up but feeling
upside down
We drove until morning
sitting and smoking
reeling does not only happen
when using a fishing pole and
bait is not only used to catch fish
A monkey in a suit and tie
reeled in the curiosity of me the banana
by the bait of the wind to impose
Isaiah the man of an eagle
and made things feel so right, he said
i won't spill a drop, no,
i promise you
i will treat you sweetly and turned me
upside down always.
What’s in The Times- (182)
stiff as if a stork (99)
twenty-seven varieties (183)
between the ayes (79)
from the usual stamp and pound (284)
and the extravagant (80)
earth-evolved (206)
probabilities (298)
raw wind, rain, (81)
in the middle of Edinburgh. (207)
The marshal of France made quite a clatter: (118)
Troubles to win (85)
You ask what kind of boats in my country (153)
Thru birdstart (238)
Advance, attack, retire. (166)
Before my own death is certified, (158)
just throw it out the window (119)
No bread and cheese and strawberries (86)
Their natural resource: turn (94)
high, lovely, light? (131)
Understand me, dead is nothing (138)
To wit, the lover said (79)
So winter’s tea-kettle on the high wood stove (110)
She bore a child (213)
And after tea vodka- (130)
Near abandoned (212)
Could be more, could be warmer, could be more (106)
If matches had been my work (287)
By night and next day offered (162)
disowns. (247)
In summer silence moves (138)
Not burned we sweat- (247)
in the foothills (286)
There was a bridge once that said I’m going (87)
Half past endive, quarter to beets, (111)
I’ll find this kind of thing (224)
through reeds and fronds (271)
on the following sands, (88)
to the department of song (127)
for all intentions. (80)
See it explained- (239)
Dived to concrete (257)
Entered new waters (294)
algae, equisetum, willows, (170)
could dance like that (274)
Buzz and burn (147)
Frail limbs are proportionately low (81)
a leg brought back (102)
in the flood (193)
We said good-bye (241)
Life is natural (247)
separated by stars (110)
Moon on rippled (229)
branch (174)
love the night, love the night (127)
swam the river, struck a stone (125)
o let's glee glow as we go (85)
-in the sun's fame (289)
rode the sea (283)
Do you see?- (182)
Truth (218)
among conflicting parties (279)
illuminations (294)
gone to hell (256)
white (184)
shows one element (125)
Enemy (282)
turned front to back (152)
You (81)
wrong or right (90)
Bereaved of all, I went abroad- (382)
And forgot the color of the Day- (383)
Permission to forget- (474)
Henceforth to remember (537)
In rags mysterious as these (55)
The Table is not laid without (538)
By Death's bold Exhibition (410)
Like a dotted Dot- (304)
They thwarted Us with Guns- (228)
Besides the Autumn poets sing (61)
'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy! (80)
If this is "dying" (56)
In a Coffee Cup, (101)
Where no Autumn lifts her pencil- (77)
There is a morn by men unseen- (17)
It puzzled me to know- (97)
To some fashionable Lady (34)
From off his chamber door- (48)
The flags of nations swing. (24)
It is easy to work when the soul is at play- (111)
Just finding out- what puzzled us- (112)
Stop just a minute- let me think! (113)
Late- when I take my place in summer- (114)
I'm used to that- (115)
How many times it ache for me- today- Confess- (116)
That once- on me- those Jasper Gates (117)
Took Rainbows, as the common way, (118)
How many times they- bore the faithful witness- (119)
The lonesome for they know not What- (120)
To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, (710)
Or Bees- that thought the Summer's name (251)
On my volcano grows the Grass (685)
My homely gift and hindered Words (651)
Like Gnomes- (140)
As 'twere a Spur- upon the Soul- (377)
Filaments of Bloom, Pontius Pilate sowed- (258)
The Lilac is an ancient shrub (545)
The saddest noise, the sweetest noise, (713)
Be rendered by the bee. (409)
Entombed by whom, for what offence (417)
Alarms its walls away- (610)
There is a flower that Bees prefer- (181)
How many be (269)
That Cooler Host (333)
Grace of Wealth, and Grace of Station (451)
Misery, how fair (521)
To fetch Her Grace- and Hue- (333)
Like Petals from a rose- (194)
That person that I was- (195)
I- never wed- (105)
Yet upon His Purple Programme (405)
On his babbling- Berry- lips- (104)
The Orchard sparkled like a Jew- (143)
The Height I recollect- (384)
The Hills erect their Purple Heads (689)
Sweet, to have had them lost (426)
Upon a Lilac Sea (579)
Other force- may be presumed to move- (380)
Across my Mouth- it blurs it- (226)
Till Hair- and Eyes- and timid Head- (108)
Banish Air from Air- (409)
Thunder- the Cricket (332)
And spill the Scarlet Rain (326)
And most profound experiment (399)
A Hoary Boy, I’ve known to drop (461)
Should a shrewd betray me (11)
Just how long cheated eyes will turn- (96)
My Heart to subdivide- (326)
Who may be Purple if He can (473)
I almost strove to clasp his Hand (260)
Until it blocked my eyes (195)
Another summer’s Day! (58)
The Angels must have spied, (71)
The thought beneath so slight a film- (97)
And so, I thought the other way, (214)
The Thought is quiet as a Flake- (656)
“Heaven” has different Signs- to me- (280)
Some say goodnight- at night- (705)
How many be (269)
How Death’s Gifts may compare (182)
How short it takes to make a Bride- (222)
When We stop to Die- (351)
There is strength in proving that it can be borne (501)
Exhilarate the Bee, (638)
A Peace, as Hemispheres at Home (498)
Love the dull lad- best- (122)
Deal with the soul (123)
The absent- mystic- creature- (117)
Where for the night (54)
Forever- is composed of Now- (307)
Death is like the insect (697)
A Bee his burnished Carriage (579)
The Spider holds a Silver Ball (297)
A Bee I personally knew (581)
The Cricket drops a sable line (671)
Bees- to their Loaves of Honey (517)
The Butterfly’s Assumption Gown (546)
A prompt- executive Bird is the Jay- (523)
The Eagle of his Nest (183)
Hound cannot overtake the Hare (68)
With Hat in Hand, polite and new (498)
But nature and mankind must pause (690)
The transformation of associating an
a thing
a person
in explanation instead of telling the
this inside
that between
those that are
here in the
now and not
create ideas that do not need justification.
Judgments of sentiment
and taste with the way the
is seen and perceived
through the wandering eye of a child
the hungry eye of an eagle
gossipy information of a teen
the chatter of a parrot
a heartache of someone who has passed
the angst of a turtle dove
are more than a temporal state
Once seen as one but now
apart as two
creating slimy reference
specific hatred
evocative noise with no use of
re-enchantment or purpose
going out or
coming in.
To lug an other to a some thing explains
an image to a symbol
to decipher a quest
of the left or the right
A wise man once said
“Life is what happens to
you while
you are making other plans”
And a great man once said
“There is no remedy for
love but to
love more”
Yet a punning man once said
“It is not that the man did not know
how to juggle, he just did not have the
to do it.”
The relentless
snot on a friend
squirt milk outta your nose with
serious pain in your abdomen
tears gushing out of your eyes
with rosy red cheeks and
breaking out in a bit of a sweat
does not come from a punning man.
The lingo
understanding the 4-1-1
of technical terminology
creates a sitting duck with
brown hair
blue eyes
and an imagined anvil
in the crane of a color
in the stain of one gather
in the crane of those gathered
in the stain of a color
in the crane those gather
in a stain is true color
lies the once
sitting duck.
An open walk
A walking crawl
A crawling trot
Never ending in a
Skip or
only wishing to reveal itself
in the purity of a vein.
a one-eyed black cat who cannot see with
total vision
has no problem finding its food
a dog that does not bark but
growls in
hunger and
a bird with no wings
without flight
sings its own song on its
A snake lacking muscle to hunt but
creates an alternative
Whisper Whisper
Giggle Giggle Giggle
One of the greatest bands alive
“We’re One
But we’re not the
Take the
communication disabled
Metal, plastic, icons
as a supernatural being
working their mind and memory that is
easily controlled but can abandon a
command at any
removes comfort and
enhances fear.
negative butterfly
bad tooth fairy
unhelpful watch
horrific sun
downbeat daisy
depressing candy
awful shopping spree
a green mind created to stack a straight and
narrow mark at the cutting edge of a
birthday cake.
positive demon
good prostitution
helpful death
beautiful bomb
upbeat screams
happy lies
scrumptious guts
zig zagging
twisting turning
looping pounding
to the left or the right.
Revealing the insanity of the sitting duck
dodging the two ton anvil
onto the instrument provides ease
for the gadget does not provide a
blue feeling
pink feeling or
yellow feeling
but accepts the sway.
A pulse from each bead
figures into a pool of salt
exploiting a picture of
me and
an anxious table sings a sweet surrender
to the shadows
this is a surprising act to follow when
one happens to always vanish
in the clouds
an electrifying rumble signals a
repeated plea that can only be
encountered with rusty words
no dream
no wish
no fantasy
will unlock this missing piece because
it can only be found when
it wants to be found
and this is something that is as solid to come by as
snow in Alaska
dryness in the Sahara and
sunshine in Hawaii.
The table chuckles.
Who is to say or judge to
Is it really either?
Opinions, answers of right answers vs. wrong answers
And wrong answers vs. right answers
May cause anxiety and perspiration to the person who is put on the spot.
But to be able to form one's own view and create an image so delicate
Or fierce in the mind is an amazing gift that can be rewrapped time and time
In 1917, Viktor Shklovsky proposed "Art as Technique"
and "Art as Device"
How beautiful a proposition to rehash the works of poetry and
"make the stone, stony again."
I have heard that poetry is a way to find yourself and that
there is no right or wrong answer in poetry
So I ask
What makes poetry so intimidating?
Could it be the structure of some poetry?
The wordiness writers use creating their main point?
Or the useless way I was taught in the glory days of High school
When it was said that limericks are a friend.
Some say these poems have received bad press
Some say they have been dismissed as not having a rightful place of
"cultivated poetry"
The three-fold of a limerick is that they are often of humorous nature
They only have five lines so are simple and short and
Have contributed to the critics attitudes.
To judge the limerick, the brother poem of Whitman's "Preface"
Disregards the wish of positivity, faith, and generosity
Can we not help the limerick like Whitman lectures of the importance
of all people in "I Sing the Body Electric"?
Amor Fati; Love and Fate.
Described as an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in
One's life
Including suffering and death as
The ultimate purpose is
The sign of a good person is
One who can love and be kind in the face of
Whitman describes in the "Preface" that
A poet is transcendent and new
A poet is indirect and not direct
A poet is descriptive or epic
A poet can make every word he speaks draw blood
A poet is no arguer but he
is judgment.
A poet has the power to destroy
A poet can remold freely but never for the power of
A poet hardly knows pettiness or triviality
A poet consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which
chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune
or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly his delicious pay
A poet brings the spirit of any or
all events and passions and scenes and persons some more and
some less to bear on an individual character as heard and read
A poet forms the consistence of what is to be from
what has been and is
A poet does not moralize or make applications of morals
A poet knows the soul.
I look at poetry as inspiration and medicine to the heart and soul
"Be indifferent to the things that befall you, not to others, love whatever
happens to you. Do not let what befalls you get you down."
A life lesson is a lesson learned
As produced by Emerson- "Our energy increases with affection.
By increasing our ability to be kind, warm-hearted, and generous;
We become smarter."
Poetry works as medicine in the way it can take the unmetabolized pain that sits within the self,
leaking out in all the wrong places and expose them in writing
Lack thereof poetry may result in loss of contact with the soul
teamed with real, true, authentic emotions
Poetry provides intimacy, a series of beautiful opinions with no reason
for a concrete answer
It can help those reveal the beauty of dirt
the pain of a flower and
comedy of a grave
A game of connect the dots where each connection made provides a picture
A math problem where the result will never receive a red check
An application that will not be denied
The beauty of a poem is what the reader makes out of it
That reader from
This reader to
The reader over there
Will each comprise an individual idea and create a
Bond that they can call their own.
a little chocolate milk
sorry guys, he is short.
no milk for you!
do not throw rocks at
the angry goat
maybe he would not
be so angry if rocks
were not being catapulted at
his face
maybe he could give you some
milk assuming he has
any left over
do not use him
as a squeeze
unless you like to
shake on it
you are on.
general grant
and his army will
ride for this
but do not worry
about what to
tell them
just say you have to
pee again
one hundred degrees for
the first time in
making the straightener
break in the
the irritating appointment
not speaking
might be the
only way the loud breathing
could quiet
the half human
half evil baby
uncomfortable with
the anxiety
of the movie critic
who fell asleep
before the kangaroo
made it into the
war epic
dreamt up in the roaring
ambulance inducing
a walk to the spicy
can of worms
do it
for a first
in a catastrophic
world borrowed from
betting to be born
through the money-making
hell of misery
infamous booger headshots
needed the calculator
to settle the score
tapping on the hat
in the
Jamaican southern
rising again
dying from the boundaries
bookending the
in the service
banging on the end
of the ketchup
after dropping the
fork in the bend
clearing the
sinuses with the
jalapeno dip
in the pillow with
the golden magic keys
who have no
time for the
baby coming
no more
the hard part is
truly over
we made it to the
magic tunnel
where no country
take a picture
you will forget
ever trying to
have a
so much
A grown up
with a weird voice
who does not know
what they are doing
back off Mr!
lets go!
all i want is
my cervix to be
dilated in four
is there something
I am glad you are
here even if
there was no
baby boy
baby girl
hear me out
we have been through
this is not just some
who has been humped
next to a smelly
the child and the
both should
have a family
even if the
has a bad hair
Get in here
see something funny
smile smile
do it again
jump in a stair
yell out the window good
Oh the cow in
the meadow goes
Then the farmer
hits him on the head and
grinds him up
And that is how we get
Now chickens!
Oh the chicken in
the meadow goes
Then the farmer
hits him on the head and
pulls it apart
And that is how we get
you sick
you sick
son of a bitch
why I became a
When they get
close together they
hurt a lot more
than just looking for a
so good for you
give me the one with the
broken leg because
now is the time when I am
And just want to sleep with people
Just to make them like me
But I will never
Cause that is another thing
my mom warned me about
That is another thing my
grandma warned me about
but it is coming
and it is coming
so come on
forget the usual routine
and go with your gut
but stay on the safe side
with me
no matter if I am
a man or woman
man beast or
woman beast
it is my turn and
I will get back on this
that is it
it is true
so great
just like
Now grandma's a
person who
She brought you a train
and a bright shiny bike
lately she has not been
coming to dinner
last time you saw her
she looked so much thinner.
Now your mom
and your dad
said she moved to Peru,
But the truth is she
and someday
you will too
Do not worry
it is not
the end
of the
when you try to
blow a
Saint Bernard
out your
that will be
the end
of the
So stay true
but never
until you
are ready.

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