Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To Lorine

Word Count:310

People should know (80)
I'd like to mow. (96)
and give you lettuce (141)
and that's the way I was raised (117)
And where are we all from here. (38)

often one takes his madness (25)
if he has the feeling-- (140)
before he could sleep. (125)
Sleep and it won't matter. (119)

I love you despite the coconut on your tie. (78)
I'll wait, he said, (160)
Sweet Life, My love: (200)
She bore a child (213)
but she could not (224)
Love the night, love the night (127)
How slippery is man (185)
You are the man (283)
longingly immense (240)
under wild flowers sons (210)
After all, ecstasy (202)
slowly (295)
in a bathtub (255)
I knew a clean man (208)
I learned (194)
while he sat in the rain. (176)

What cause have you (240)
to take (266)
Last night (293)
beyond my life (273)
This morning (217)
gives sight (195)
Energy glows at the lips-- (162)
Lonely woman, not prompted (115)
If you stay at home (90)
One translucent morning (37)
Now go to the party, (152)
on one leg in the weeds. (196)

These were my passions: (281)
Life (224)
to an enchanting (276)
past dead (164)
It must be fun (85)
to go to war (102)
I've spent my life in nothing. (148)
These may survive (253)

A thousand turtle monsters (297)
wrote letters that John (286)
in creation here (248)
ten dead ducks' feathers (173)
beside the river--out of flood (169)
and the air was loaded (130)
of the ground that takes you away. (100)

those glimmering talks (225)
the plumed flamingo (193)
shoe string side burns (152)
Gather all the old, rip and sew (102)
the trouble (52)
on my little river (153)
Blue and white (286)
at no bird dawn-- (228)
moved a little quicker (299)
that's gone (160)


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