Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lorine Neidecker Cento


if only I was able [to save the sun, 53]

[i face the east and the wind’s in my mouth, 97]

the slowing ((speeding)) traffic light [disappearing, 147] beneath the horizon.


with the absence of alabaster. 

[came night, 117]

[lets play a game, 127]

whispered words my [big blind ears, 107] did not hear

to my back two fingers [shaped like a gun, 128]

[a monster, 103]


as i wonder this wood at night.

i [stop to eat people, 7]

[isn’t it funny? 141]

i come across [lonely women, 115]

strange, desperate women. 

women wasted. wasting away.

she’d sell anything she got her hands on.

[she’d sell dirt, 

she’d sell your eyes friend in deep grief, 108]

he circles me.

i’m panting.

there is nothing more appetizing then a wo[mans sweet breath, 104]

with a machete he [breaks my hand, 54] away from the bone

he raises my mangled mano to his lips and samples my flesh and sips crimson as it bursts from broken veins. 

[you’re my type, you’re okay. 148]

i feel no pain aside from the [mosquitoes bite,147]ing my ankles.

eat what [i give to you, 137]

i clench my jaw tight.

would you prefer it better if i served you on platter

[and gave you lettuce,141]?

he forced open my mouth

like you would force [open a door, 145]

with a crow bar.

with nails like claws he pulls skin away from bone.

he shoves it into my mouth. 

with hand crowning cranium and

another clutching my chin.

i manually chew.

under his control.

a self-consuming cannibal

[i don’t spit. 132]

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