Wednesday, September 3, 2008

mustache grammar

america runs on american fighting and fights

until america runs on to the next fighting

america runs on american fights until

it flies on to a new fight america runs

on time to make the donuts america

runs on ear rock america runs

on a bucketfull of civilian shins

america runs on america all homeless

clothed in all clothes in summer

coconut america runs on melanoma

and spf 50 america runs on time

to clear the lane here comes america

if i’m riding shotgun the lane the shingled

devalued home of america is welfareless

the welfare problem is donuts and bollocks

water-bottled carcinogens and get mine

america fights disputes 95 civilians

killed al jazeera reports afghani bollocks

and america runs on running its mouth

eats donuts, gathers widgets, watches talk

shows, hippies with spirits of american

spirits run on fights top hats and infights

lobbies, bribes, money-fights, fist fights,

ultimate fights and bitch fights, embarrassed

america runs on red-faced, blushed-up

for the none dead, non-dead here Lear

nothing will come of nothing dead

america runs on america tears up, does

herself up, sluts up never shuts up, fucks

up america runs on mocking love america

runs on teases catfights, cockfights, dogfights

america both with canine dogs and fighter planes

dogs with meat beats dog sharpens teeth

until embittered each dog america runs on

eggs on dogs it until the time is right to run

on america runs on america fights and does

not speak chinese or nepalese or japanese

or any ease america does not recognize any dead

language america runs on streetfights

and cheap flights america staycations in armchairs

with donuts america runs on donuts fights

gravity, fights nature whorls a hurricane

looks a target america runs on fights with targets

america-pointed america runs america its own

non-nature threatens ideaspace america

clicks decimals from here to here america

fights to win a numbers game america hides

and seeks from here nowhere america runs

on without elegant punctuations america

only impinged upon and inhibited by lineated

boundaries of thoughtspace america runs on america

has written me into its scheme i-9 1040ez my rules

to run the way america runs on me teaches me to run

on america and the american way my dialogue runs

on with a silent second party in the drama of america

runs on america we franklin our ideals

for francophiles we idealize our french fries

for xenophobes america runs from its identity

america runs on porno has a porno name her

name is her middle name states plus the street

she was born on america runs on legs up baby

giveaways run on she gets wet for goods

america ships herself overseas america overcooks

her steroid meats america replicates authentic

beads by way of the chinese and runs on minting

currencies to fill her bling-bling needs america

runs on doublespeak say drugs are bad say no

runs on say how many drugs did you sell this week

america runs on a certain raceage, a certain creed

say america runs on are you the age we need

or raceflavor of the week, how will your donuts

help america incorporate multicultural values

into running the ad campaign america runs on

america are your donuts less costly, are they

more sleek, how fast can i drive your donuts

to the mall america when i wear your donuts

am i more chic america if i listen to your donuts

will they help me sleep will they help me speak

the languages of cultures subsumed this week

america runs on do your donuts make me weak

easily toppled by an empire of button-popping

donut-leadened idealogues america i’m bed-

ridden because you overfeed i’m useless

in the scheme america runs on because i’ve

nothing to run on, no donuts to be seen

america runs on dusty textbooks and old

lesson plans america runs on a cliche of america

a rolling america gathers no unamerica

america runs on america rolls up its sleeves

time to make america seems remade

the early america gets the oil america

runs on needs america wants america

to believe america runs on america

not a web of need not i want to believe

america runs on am is are was were what

america runs on what it dictates to scribes

america runs on trillions now america

runs on debits debits debits america

runs on withdraw overdraft and pull out

jobs america runs on premature ejack

to avoid rebirthing for america america’s

carnal need america runs on factory

meat antibodies stun guns over lift life

neck slit america runs on what it spills

for each disease and multicolored ribbons

america pins on send more money please

america runs on deprivation innovation

and no-sleep caffeine roads no-doz

truckers run on haul off loads of what

america runs on to where america needs

to run to twenty four seven america

runs on no hablamos espanol y no

entendemos y lo siento pero america

does not run on spanish america runs

on america speaks america dreams

up words as i dream up words

to run on america as america runs

on america i run on about america

i is am are was were to will america

to run on will america run on america

for long along into dilapedation

america runs on america’s will be well

america runs on will america runs

on american will bes will beast america

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