Tuesday, September 16, 2008


sometimes life
shits on you
all you can do is take it
the bills, the sickness
the flat busted tires
the low grades
the joblessness
dumpings rejections
cheating etcetera
and at some point
you realize self pity
is just an ingredient
there is more to our plight
than you can imagine
eternal magma awaits
and death is no cure
even jesus doesn't escape
so if I'm wrong
and there is no hell
then what are
we crying about
for it's not that bad
so take your
with a smile
the blisters on your skin
are bubbles of joy bursting
forth- the sting of your sores
are labor pangs as you give
birth to a new paradigm
we suffer
we whine

we bellyache
we make

there is nothing complex
you too
are worthy
of eternal

embrace laughter
for that is
the only salvation
a fragment of love's
momentary brilliance

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