Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Buoyant Life

Ride the waves
of crinkles in the blue blanket
the anchor hit the bed
and in comes that close-eyed capsize
something sinks into the deep
all hands are on
oozing decks awash with
sea water -- see water
but there is no dry dock
to welcome and house us
crags go soft we hit
land pillows hardly gently ebbing
to rhythm with our moon tide...
...but then
big wet liquid
hugs your naval
we're naval
deeper now
into our gale
snap goes masts
cover us blind
try to trickle strong
against the cascade force
we fight it, but it's our making
the blue, black, blue, black, blue
and back --
cannot tell which ever in a moment
from the dizzy spin waves make
can cannot take the rush down with us
then see through mist that final crest curls
ready to engulf us:
with no life rafts,
only desire
to sink, go down down
with our us
left to be wreckage

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