Friday, September 19, 2008

Black. White, Blue, Red, Green

Black feared White
they fit so well together
One's emptiness
filled by the other's wholeness
complete balance
yin and yang

White never made public address
discussing or mentioning
knowledge or acceptance
of this model or its complement
White never hesitated to confide
true feelings to true friends
Black and White both knew
they were not opposites
The complete lack of themselves

Black to not-Black
White to not-White

So many other colors
not worth mentioning
failed in this endeavor before
there was a catch
to Black and White...

Red and Green
their act together
many years before
struck it big in the
holiday market
after several years of making
the burlesque circuit
An outward change of values
led to an audition with
French Talent Artist
Poly Crom-'Atic
were questionable past events
publicly revealed
Red and Green suffered
their own personal torment
mental anguish

White tormented Blue
The perfect blend
A Brazilian Coffee
White capped Blue
in high wind

Great waves of Angry Blue
Antagonizing White chased
high into the air

The feeling of time right
Push Pull Drag
a beating by a watery fist

shattered white
was not taken light
glass on mirrored fists

Blue rejoiced
if only for a moment brief

Shattered and Broken
Persistent White to reform
Blue further angered
unappreciative of the lesson
the ways of White
foam and froth
a great show of anger
millenia of experience
curricula in antagonization

The Ever-Sensitive Blue.
The Not-To-Be Beaten White.

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