Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"dance marathon"

worldfull of beautiful or just an eye

wired to see it or am i more beautiful?

for my father beauty equals completeness

or having things on hand: containers

of screws all shapes all sizes all singing

to connect. my father dances to words of old

on-file computer magazines which mean

the history of technological evolution:

Wired, InfoWorld ’87 to the end or end

of subscription. pin them down then limbs

under UV make bullion spring from denim

and a-walk through the end of summer

or more abstract grass peppered w/ aluminum

as plastic biodegrades leads to daddy’s frugality

or savings restructuring old tools and plans

to build with the shavings leftover

and unswept. solder to this Depression lessons

in love to carry forward not me into modal

completion every wrinkle every word every

believe it enough to know better from some

or other pulpit look look still every word

look look foul every crest of data

with an enchaosed line, a second opinion.

desire constricts the Depression flavor her boullion

what to buy what to buy what to buy

summer covers winter shorts short circuit

into a metataste a taste of everything a black

taste in which flavors reunite the end of a dance

marathon. i dance as if to mean as well

i dance as if to mean i dance as if i dance

dance “I.” i dance well. i dance until i ache

to mean to mean i dance to mean well. i dance but not

to hurt as well. i dance well. i dance mean. i mean as well.

i mean. i, as dance, mean well. i, as mean, dance

well. i, as if, too. if to mean a swell i dance. i dance

to swell. i dance “as if” to mean “as well,” as well

as dance. i dance meanly. i mean meanly. i mean

i would mean dancely, if i could. i mean to dance

with ardency in the Ardennes. i dance with Edith

as well. i swell with Edith., her thoughts dance

as if i mean well. poor Edith. i dance a meal

to mean something to Edith as well. if she

remembers. Edith thinks. Edith thinks “well

he means well” as if a swell in her thinking

means she will dance as well. i can see the dance

of her forward thinking. i mean i can dance

her into thinking forward with me dancing.

it will mean something. she will dance. i will

swell. Edith dances well. i mean to dance

Edith to mean as if i mean well. i mean Edith

is swell, as if she means more than any tiny dancer

or any dancing meaner in any heaven-hell.

as if as Edith dances her sweater dances

as well as sweat fills her with a chill, which

means if i can dance in then, i will. any

Edith can sweat but not mean for me as well.

i dance in. i dance in a vest as if i mean

the chaps beneath my suitcoat. i dance

not wearing a suitcoat into my forward

thinking will, as if a signal to Edith. she dances

and sings to herself and i dance it to mean

she is happy. as i dance, i mean. i dance

meaning into the air. i dance what i mean

when Edith leans over late-evening for a kiss

as well. i dance the kiss and it means for me

as well as Edith. i dance as if to means as well.

i dance Edith into evening into morning.

i dance what i want into we. Edith dances

her thinking into believe. by next week

i dance with any Jenny. any Jenny dances

well, at least as well as Edith or any other.

i dance new allegiances, making sure the meaning

of my dancing means as well. any Jenny

dances risquely as if to mean sexing. i dance

as if sexing any Jenny. any Jenny does not

need me to dance as if i mean well. in fact,

i dance without dancing my meaning. in this

dance the meaning is clear and not lacking.

any Jenny swells as we dance her reddens

mean any Jenny sexes well. any Jenny dances

mixing together her reds. i mean in forgetting.

i mean it dances out evening into morning

again as before as well. any Jenny dances

into morning as if to bed me as well i mean.

i dance waking any Jenny by way of alarm

bell. we dance bells to mean parting church

bells knell bells day bells a bell collection

bells for all seasons mean ringing as if to ring

clarifies a meaning or re-dances a meaning

to me or any Jenny. a bell dances a cherubim

or seraphim into any Jenny’s way of dancing

her meaning for me. as if the angels attend

to us in the frequency of bells means our dance

of sexing is blessed. any Jenny heaves a sigh

that dances through the morning of her leaving

midday and evening as well, leaves my heart

with a swell as if her absence means a dirge

plays in which i dance myself to mean sorrow.

i mean to dance her absence well. i mean

to dance in between Ediths and Jennys as if

a transparent but separate and purposeful

dance characterizes our complicated interplays.

i dance meanly inside as Edith returns, as if

the stars mean to align for me and my swells.

she dances a kiss as well as sexes. i dance

sexes with Edith to mean loves as if i dance

sexes with any Jenny. i feel Edith’s dancing

heart as she swell as if a love overcomes her.

i dance Edith to mean any Jenny as well

hold both as if in love in mind as well. i dance

Edith’s foreign awkward smiles to mean

love as she sings in her comfort with what i

mean. her crooked teeth as yellow as hell

as she smilesings and my heart dances as her

tongue traces races over her craggy teeth

to make the words of the song i can hardly

tell what they mean i get so enraptured by

the dance of the words themselves and the

foreignness. my any Edith kisses my tongue

between the meaningless words which dance

into an effability only love knows how to dance

to mean something other than its meaning.

any Jenny has flubs of fat at her lower back

that shake sexily when she dances which means

she feels different sexing than skinnenbony

Edith but what does the difference mean?

i dance it to mean any dance gets better threeward,

i mean any Jenny has perfect sexy straight

white teeth that dance up and down, back

and forth as she dances and i see them dance,

meaning the world stays stable beneath our dancing

feet or the world means to mirror our dances as well.

i lean on two loves. i dance two desires

into distinct loves. i dance loves how it

reddens me means well. i learn to dance

as if by the reddening. i learn to hurt as well.

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