Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dread nothingness carved in stone

I dread now your touch and the smile rough just before you go silently and i nod my head whispering softly no your hand that frightens makes me flinch and the smile that doesn't warm me anymore to the core i dread you now your anger quicker than laughter that we knew i dread you dread now the sight of all that I no longer see in you fraying magic forces me to speak when once silence was enough now you are after rough
you ass happy just before you go and silently you carve me in stone with your lazy finger sculpting me etching the icy nooks you once made soft and warm you carve me in stone now with the plastic you torch of your passion to chill too quick too week as your lukewarm no more burns we both know which secretly burning love of your powers with the flowers giving birth bearing leaves to bark my wood turned before differently you carved me marble flinching sparks at my shooting tinfoil fraying magic a man touched me today and covered me with nothing a man i used to love the one i cared about so much but this time as he touched me with his nothingness there was only shock to realize how far i'd left him behind I now fear your rough contact and usmeshka right before leaving and I molchkom notch the head n' your share is not very soft shepcha which makes me fear and flinch usmeshku that doesn ' T hot, I more in heart, I fear that you are now your anger more quickly than hohot of which we knew than j' were afraid which you fear Oculus maintaining all that I n' do not have more d' a length sees in you, I iznashivayusch magic efforts to speak when silence as soon as you had now rather brutal after l' Ishak satisfies you right before your departure and you molchkom vysekaete me in the stone, with your lazy finger wah me engraved ledistye recesses you once have tenderness and heat you carved in hones maintaining me of you of plastic torch your passions to too quickly cool too your week hardly hot, more burns, we are both knew who furtively sorrow d' love your forces of the sheets carrying of the flowers to give rise to my zalayat wood turned before various manners vysekli marble flinching me on my tinfoil sparks shooting iznashivaya Magic Man touched to me aujourd' today and gives me with any man, j' had l' practice of at a love I troubling you about so much but this time it m' touched with its nothing n' was to proceed to blow in measurement I” D it left some

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