Friday, September 12, 2008

Food for Thought

I digress from the usual work posted here.  The fruit is of a similar taste though: The Heel Press, DeviantArt.  The Hell Press boasts a rather impressive roster of members, at least in terms of the work that they produce.  The community critique is also very academic in nature-only fellow members are allowed to contribute critique your work and they give you three different scores focusing on three different elements of your work (non-members can also comment, though).  These scores are combined into a composite score which if high enough allows your work to compete against others for the chance to appear on the front page of the website for a week.  The critiques are generally quite thorough and insightful: no one berates you for your errors but the opinions can be rather forthright.  You can also choose how long your work is up for critique.
DeviantArt is less formal and the critique reflects this; i have unfortunately found that most people will comment on your work with insightful comments like "great stuff," "I really like your work," or "you suck."  Additionally, you can not choose the length of time that your work is available for review-it is either public or it's not.  Additionally, there is no "front page" competition.  In its stead, however, are numerous and more eclectic competitions that are either associated with DeviantArt or are held by outside groups and communities and then advertised through the site.  Both sites have their own flavor and I suggest giving them at least equal consideration.  Enjoy.

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