Wednesday, September 3, 2008


jumping into the fire
we dance over salient
flames which embrace
ancestors freading into
us reminding now is our time
to come together
no way i could leave you
endure me for i suffer greatly
and here i wine night after night
lying next to you holding my hand
endure me for i know not what i do
x me into your heart and let me leave my mark
as we float towards our disintegration never
alone for the word is upon us dancing despite
the fires that burn night and day endure me

for i am a holy fool reaching out for
all i can take in.

(chorus of the madman)
Love is in the ass
an inverted heart
a stifled laugh
a supressed fart
love is in the ass
the ebb and flo
the long thin stream
the lemon yellow
love is purified
16 oz of purelife
love is churning in your
stomach a smooth knife

i shot my love one million times
shot her in the eye
then shot her in the derriere
just to be a wise guy
then is shot the whole world down
with my m16, but I couldn't shoot my
dear old mum who kept my underwear clean

i killed a million mullahs, rabbis, priests & bulls
i killed holy rollers, followers, & non believing souls
i shot millionaires & communists, cops & robbers too
doctors dentists icecream makers richard simmons stew

i shot everyone in the whole world
charleton heston no exceptions
shot john wayne and sly stallone
bruce willis he woulda killed us

i shot everyone in the whole world
save my dear old mom
she tucked me in and read my stories
and helped me say my prayers

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