Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fuzzy Screen Chocolate Dreams

I sit staring blankly at
a dark, movie screen
I recall images imprinted on its cells
like memories of a not so distant past

After I spend the entire day staring at it
I see his face on the screen
Those chocolate eyes burrow into mine
I am entranced

'Savvy?' Oh, Johnny Depp.
You are the pirate of my heart
My dreams, my pants
One night with you would be better
than swimming naked in a pool of
dark chocolate
Chocolate can't break your heart
But you can, Johnny, you can.

I hate Kiera Knightley for her perfect skin
and kiss
I can kiss you too Johnny, just you wait.
No fuzzy ants racing will stop me...

1...2...3... GO! I run, full speed into
the movie screen
and split my head open as I crash
into the other side
As I lay there, slowly dying, I can't
help but wonder
was it worth it all for a kiss?

Yes, death is worth a kiss. :-*
In the last dying words of,
Mrs. Depp.

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