Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Spot and The Atom

When the sun shines down upon the darkest spot in the world what will happen to those who have lived a life not lived through a void unfulfilled and utterly ignorant to the fact that the sun doesn't exist and what will happen when the night meets the singular atom that can only say it has had a life well lived if thereby we understand that chaos is really a combination of the spot and the atom then we will determine the course of an existence which until now has been likened to a minute and infentessimal knowledge base because if everything gets thrown through the door then what is left but the right door itself a lack of space in turn proving that existence is not there but for the purpose of throwing things through it by the notion that one can expect not to understand what love is but instead to exist as love and a lack there of shooting and rounding until eventually we are thrown back through the door only to realize that it isn't the same but is instead exactly the same to this end we can look at life and share in a contentedness that has for years plagued only through the counterdependence of the spot and the nation where light emerges and so we are the beings that solely travel by being thrown through nothing into nothing and everything.

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