Wednesday, October 22, 2008


come home come home comely

or come home homely come

home my home is a vivid

and luminous dream my dream

home is a luminous and continuous

fountain of lovely homecomings

come home my pockmarked

flesh queen my come home dream

becomes my calling your come

name come fountain of gushing

tunnels of water, tunnel of chrome

a revving like water over levees

in love come home welcome

come lovely lover over the home

threshold of you you’re home

love your body comes unadorned

a placeholder for autumns

wheat home comely toss chaff

burnt siena hair comes unfurled

lovely when leaves come undone

into concretes an earth bunting

for an ending ready the exit music

in rivulets of naked sound your pure

come home encapsulates for a crepuscule

my come-home skeletal thinking

of your unclotted homely body

disguised by scenes on mental porches

we call suey to the moon’s corpuscles

to draw the reddened moon down

for a creaky porch swing home-thriced

embrace rock creak rock back

forth lover come hungry like the climbing

luna at three to its home a bewitching

departing teeth to eyelash bats drowse

on eaves inverted above our porch love

home the chill of which homely

basements know intimately calling

comely to attics and windows

illumine the home face façade

in orange this alluring rivulet

of fantasy keeps a come-home project

of petals too lovely to smell

yet begotten of thorns inviting

careful and comely rosegarden touching

edges a run of sound saxophonic lovely

interspersed with homely bawps squawks

blips like homejunk in garages

or unfurnished dust in mindrooms

we care not to dust my love come

between pants slung over chairbacks

and twin coughs come before a cobweb

of shudders come undones forget-me-nots

before the aroma of night tea steam

fills the home with penbeams and moonscript

on the windowfog, a blooming night

of garden logic, a home-old rose

cutting and transposing and transplanting

home to home come to come again

songing in the homesoil saved in mantled

jars a fixture for meditation

for radiant mind botanicals infused

with a come-home odor the rose knows

my homely lover kowtows to eyelid

downward ideas of St. Therese the feather

-spoken home-bound saint of kindly buzzing

atomdeeds with her tubercular face painting

an everhome pristinity like a song

to drown out the cocksure with sorrow

the little flower dream calls come

home wither-chested rosary miscreants

steal honey from the rose bee’s apiary

afar off murmurs announce the coming

of the bridegroom the lovely flower

glows blood orange for she comes

home smiling in the tears the homely

virgin who among luminous throngs

of seraphim waits for sinners

hemorrhaging faiths to come calling

waiting for the chestnut to call out

deadlines for bee petting the sparrow

under the flowers waits for crumbs

of the come home day’s homeless

man self-conspiring in gazebos

and grottos revealed by hidden

trails the mind paves the bridegroom

in winking blushing keeps his sinister

promise amid mental fixtures

and teepee rolls his my home blends

cell towers and satellite dishes

i climb to convene with my lunar

lover ditches i dig to seduce the earth

mineral-rich vaulting the skin’s secret

lovely lanolin culled from lamb’s grass-

fed wool the coming clot of difficult

enswirls the beatified vision of fly

home the flies birthing rose maggots

in the homely kitchen trashbag

the rambles of saints on the doorstep

of a home vision rose petal puddles

coagulate on linoleum a comely sweet

murder seal off seed off and roll

the murmurs of onlookers around

yellow tape strung from trees

like maggotsnakes writing in offering

fruits to the sandy eyes of night

peddling trinkets to retire as six-

figure panhandlers stake turf

a come home money bailout call

appeals to pity the worker bee

keeps no pity night after night

the sex worker outcalls spreads

her homely roses across homes

and swallows up funs and machines

her home is nickel-plated and dis

ease dime-store fresh tabloided

she rose-moans in vivid fear

terminal calls home apocalypst

twain johns two faces or john

after john comes coins in the pocket

trumps tartness her rose colored

frock is a red that fails to redden

or keep her home parts hidden

come hither coyness games

her john into a sharpness of love

fails to mention in a murmur

of sensation blood runs concurrent

to groin thrust in the rose garden

abscess of love the best saints

pens in hand approximate a sensation

of lonely coffee in a come-home

morning cooling in pot on burner

turned off spot of cream and sweet

the tensile strength of dawn spooned

out in roses a number of comes

shuddered out in pimp accountancy

the beads of the ignorant for ignorance’s

comely sake leak out through the face

time in fingers numbers toes and thumb

love after a withering love-come leaks

into the home fountain and limbs

after rose blood pertains to a street saint’s

secret fake holidays staged homecoming

and recovery the redeemer catnaps

a come-home clinic vacuum after honey-

tongued prayers and pee a many layered

filter for the homely kneeling beliver

rising to singshout most high chases

her prodigal god she sees a figure

in shadow on the edge of her fallow

field hands on rose hips waiting

blade to strop to throat after comely

i’m sorrys the dethroned beggar

feasts on the come-slops for his suey

of a sin in abstentia morning buzzing

home yellows come back eyelid blisters

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