Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my objectionable content

DS competition is a swindle it seems to be all about shoving those below down wtf cant we get over it it is so immature why cant we just love one another like lennon said why cant we just fuck each other right here right now let me take out my cock u your pussy dispense with the pretense no clothes no games no poetry just you and me for the next 2 minutes we can do it we can change the world we can save the world with my jism and your ova ds you got enoug money i got enough academic credits lets fuck for the sake of humanity then we can go on go our separate ways not see eachother like forever you dont have to look at me I dont have to look at you I dont have to read your goddawful poetry and you dont need to read mine fuck love we can hate each other far more fun we dont even have to have sex lets just fight with knives guns words let us tear each other apart send enemas into the heart let us be models of mutually assured destruction you are russia i am america you show me yours ill show you mine what else is there to do we both chose to be poets no no no silly poetry chose us wait poetry chokes us how profound i feel better like a nice dump i am such an ass im too hard on myself haha i said hard on do i have a hardon ds i am such an agressive prick hitler stalin bush who me i am just another liberal drone a social security # running for the showers mein fuhrer i regret that i have but one life to give for my country unless i get reincarnated as a fly on shit so you tell me to smile think happy thoughts take a walk in the woods proust in the leaves awe at the snowscapes dream in the clouds eat hotfudge sundaes give god to glorry become ubiquitous disintegrate all matter forget i ego into self achievement work status there is no huge spider on my leg there is only skin held together by millions of tiny spoders it is here i take umbrage with all the poems i cant understand the ones that make me feel stupid like i should have gone into some other bizness i realize my poems are trite they are about nothing other than myself they couldnt possibly appeal to anyone other than my shrink and i have to pay him to read them i got the self pity blues i got them low down self pity blue ooze i got the redundant self pity blues i oughta stick my head in an oven how original joyce carol oates appears in the american heritage dictionary between oatcake and oath see her buggy eyes so where do we go from here ikea sez home is the most important place in the world so what insert adjective into my vagina this preparation is intended for use in cases of torture only as a temporary expedient until a dentist can be consulted do not use continuously whats with frat boys and paddles didnt they get spanked enough by their ma and da dear crab orchid + creem city bite my entire ass dear paris review you suck youre going out of business you too poetry i got published in my asshole i only have one subscriber speaking of sunshine it was a glorious day i got out of bed made french toast sang if your happy n u know it and i clapped my hands so hard it rained

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