Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DS continued


I must have been born stupid, in a stupid world to stupid parents who lived in a stupid house in a stupid city in a stupid country, so you think I would fit right in, but no... I was stupider. I was so stupid I thought Minnesota was a city, and St Louis was a state, and New Jersey was a foreign country. Some say that it is. I was so stupid I thought that 2 never went into 4, but was best friends with four, so I thought that made 24. I told my first grade teacher that I wanted a blow job. She thought I was being dirty. I thought I was being generous.
We were threatened with a paddle for misbehavior. And if we really misbehaved, we would have to strip naked, get up on the table and do the hustle.
My mother was an All American Mom, she drank a fifth every night, and had the breath of ancient rulers. At my graduation, she told me I would cure polio. But first we have to spread it.

Dear DS,

Took Madonna 2 minutes to forgive me today... The average American chews enough gum to fill up Wrigley field in their lifetime.... Drinks enough coffee to stretch out from here to the sun... There is nothing we can not accomplish... We can make oil out of mass graves... turn genocide into generation... turn a negative into a positive.... Lynchings into luncheons... we can do it... in America... Columbines are flowers... we make Charlie Mansons into Mansions...Winchesters are rifles and so are Daisys...we name our Atomic bombs...we name our hurricanes.... as if they were coming over for a barbecue...The Death Penalty is just a VIP pass to the next dimension...Abortion is a bore shun. You're shunning a boring life. Cutting in line to the next world...Starvation is just the new fad diet...Poverty is poetry with a V in it... pronounced Frenchly...if you want to create good art... kill a rat and eat it... eventually the rat will become you and you it...Today I masturbate...tomorrow I master the bait while I shun it
...America, vote for me...I am none of the above all of the above... and everything in between
not applicable...did not compute... did not even take the fucking exam...Give me your tired... your poor... your weak... I will eat them...You can say the worst things in the world... so long as you say it with a smile on your face...You can kill a billion people so long as you do it with love
anything is possible...Murder is the new dance...If you believe god is watching guess again...There are better things to pick your nose...stare at airplanes as they come in for a landing... take off over and over again... as if there were such a thing as closure....

In a foreign land called America
I am othering from within
I am discovering the outsider
of outsiders, the lone wolf
is really a puppy crying in the night
a bruised boy under covers
fearing monsters that are real
fearing death and depth
and hell which resides
in the nether regions
of earth
and the land of violence
unending sorrow
rage upon rage
bullet by bullet
and we here
a forlorn tribe
never knowing love
and oneness, always e Pluribus

We seek to guide the world
to the promised land
but we can't even wade ourselves
through the compromised ocean

Did you like that flourish
DS that is for you

Our father, who art in television
give us this day, our daily meds

Did you know Jesus is coming back
with a gun, gonna shoot everyone
who disagrees with Rush
u know, them liberal scum
look what they done

oh mother, I need a drink.

Masturbation gets an unfair rap...
the name sounds harsh.
Auto Eroticism sounds mechanical
is there no loving term to describe it


If abortion is made illegal,
would they be able to arrest me
for spilling my seed? For killing billions
of potential babies by wanking?

If God were to hold me
accountable for that, then
wouldn't it be his fault
for not making the sperm
more resilient?


below having sex,
I hear her screams, his grunts
and I realize there is nothing good on tv
I listen.
They are having fun.
The bumpity bump bump.
It occurs to me, that I am
having sex by proximity.
My molecules are floating
into their molecules. We
are a menage au trois.
Separated by a mere 8 feet.
I fart.
It doesn't ruin the moment.
They are coming,
and I am responsible.
I am really that good
in bed

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