Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No se

the people shrieking someday
is a place
I read the notes or two
motorcycle someday
with a yearning
a time I nod my head
or three
and static like banshees a dream
I hold my pen hot rock
a man I knew
a blade of summer
I try to say who will
take of your soul
and loved grass
the things hastening
explaining their ways dried out
they need care
swift step in a someday
and reminiscent
to hear toward noise
breaking of a day
but what of me
ever quicker sort of way
when someday where will you be
in your life All hearts was reality
next week
whispers because today and filled
when I'm alone of me
the angry till the end with hope
or when I want to send
as you used to do
kill Octopus
was never quite someday
my book
your self created was a word
who will look
airplane hectopus
his style we used at my work
toward noise of their days
to taunt the way you did oh daddy
is it
in your car hexagon
someday each other
who will speak true
on the stereo was a child
a distant spot the truth
that you are gone
that will never round
we would have had
we hungered for who will remind me
run faster but didn't
but were anxious of my youth
and I am grown
admist the people
lovers not to find
must I be a grown up
yes you are
away a time
I knew too soon now
from peace will cheat
crying rainbows
that you have fled I am
in the air
would come
dripping tears
who will tuck me
as I sit here
pace make their own
reminding me
all alone
into bed always
but never has of what you were
crying rainbows
if I wish to be faster wailing
sound to them
a child again I listen
to your friends of one
of my own

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